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Mini-modifications of Mafia: City of Lost-Heaven (finished)
I looked - so many different themes for small modifications, the authors whose enthusiasm or quickly go away or something like that, and in fact it would be easier if you had used a separate topic for another mods. So add your little creations here! I hope no one will object =)

Small condition: here will let small mods, and those that are made for the sake of exploration as a testing ground for that don't involve the continuation! Let me start with a personal example, as they say...

First, "Bon Appetit, Mr. Salieri!" - as it happens with the name Smile
Here's a little modification, but probably quite interesting, with a couple of surprises/jokes, of course. More I will not explain all - will be understand. In this mission no end, ie then gradually flow into 14 mission. I hope, at least for an evening or two it will be interesting to see what one to do. Maybe someone will throw a couple of screens - I would be grateful Wink
Download here. Have fun!

Second, FREECAMERA mod v.1.0.
But now a small modification with script of the FREE camera. This script works when Tommy is in the car on key HANDBRAKE / HANDBRAKE1 (secondary), ie the key "brake" / "space": the HANDBRAKE be completely free camera, the secondary HANDBRAKE - top view (easy to see when would be a big race), but if Tommy comes out of the car, and if in any mode you press the button ACTION1 (secondary action), the display returns to its original position. You can now shoot videos not bad!

That's video, lousy, true, but clearly shows that the script is working fine Smile
So, FREECAMERA MOD v.1.0 - download here. Enjoy!

PS. Finally - a little humor. Adieu et bonne chance! [Image: kolobok_addon_hi.gif]
[spoiler:u0arb9ar]PS2. It seems this topic was not... :Smile [/spoiler:u0arb9ar]

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