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Movie from Mafia I - scripting help
Hello to all,

Before things get too serious, I hope you, you'll read this and that you're having a great Spring so far!


This is a thing we started to work on about a year ago. A movie from Mafia I. If you know, how to script in Mafia (using MWE, BSV, DCED,...) please pay a special attention. The rest of you, take it as a light reading. Smile


Now, how we want to do this. It seems a little foolish at the first sight, isn't it? So let me introduce you our 1 year experiences. Smile


The original one. Of course, things will be added and we will delete some things. The computer game is built differently than movie. More shooting = fun in game, less storyline. But Mafia is such a great game, that we can deal with this. The final duration will be 2 - 2,5 hours. The story won't be cutted into missions. It will be spilled together with Tom's thoughts and his talking to detectiv Norman. („Intro“ sequences will be cutted between the whole film. Wisely.)


I have bought enough good computer for making this. [Smile] So we can afford something. Unlimited draw distance (in some cases we need to add some part of the scene which is not included in the original scene), better elaborated models of cars and vegetation, etc. Better textures in neccesary cases. Other things is better water (but I don't want to use water shader mod), wet roads in the rain, etc. Maybe better lightmapping in some scenes.


The normally in game playable parts are scripted (in parts) and the invisible player is added. I have written instructions to this, with screens and drawings. I add collisions, set the level of detail of „camera“ and move myself, creating the camera. Of yourse some takes can be done by scripting the camera. But I actually prefer my hand.

Some details can't be shooted ingame. Special movements. The movie CANNOT be done without external animations. When I'll be sure that the movie will be done – it means when all necessary parts will be scripted, we will buy Kinect for this and those external animations will be recorded and added. We have of course other thriumps like bluescreens, several platforms moving with objects and camera together, etc.


I think this is one of the important points too, so those who are interested, read:

Of course, we will encode more versions of diffrent quality, I will describe the best one.

-Container: m2ts/ Bluray folder

-Video: 1080p, 2.35:1, I can't say fps now, H264, variable bitrate at average 30/35 Mbps, color corrections, false film grain will be added, otherwise the picture will look terrible even on this bitrate, not to mention that when we will add grain, it will look better.


-Audio: The obvious choice is PCM. I can't tell the bitrate now, I don't know, how much will be needed. And there is a little obstacle about recording the sound. It must be 5.1 mix. Mafia itself can handle 5.1 mix, by using EAX audio. Of yourse, we can't record the whole sound ingame, because of the cut. Ingame must be recorded only cars. Dialogs and gun shots must be added in mixing program. (Maybe Adobe Audition, maybe something else.) And now there is the question. Can i mix the background sound better than EAX? I think I can do it better. Even by handling Radius and LFE (subwoofer). It will just take more time and it must be careful job, but I'am perfectionist, so it's ok. Smile


We originally planned to do this only with Czech dubbing. There is 4 of us so far. I'm writing, I have all this in my mind, I have very specific idea about how to make this. I also make textures. There were two guys scripting, but they don't have enough time to doing it now. Another guy is making models with me.


We are currently making only models. So the movie is at stagnation. It lies on scripting. And the scripting is not the longest thing in the making process. So we made a decision. I will mix the audio also for English dubbing, so we can cooperate with scripters from other countries.

I have the instructions written in Czech of course, but I don't have problem with rewriting it into English and communicate (writing) in English.

I don't require a lot of work from anyone. (Including when you don't have time. Smile ) It should be at least a little fun ... If you pay attention to script specific mission for ten minutes a day, it's enough. When you don't have time/ mood/ when you need to empty your litter bin, nothing. Any mission that appears in the movie must be divided into several scene2.bin, which I will use then for filming. I need quite a bit of time for shooting, so I don't even need the scenes to flood me.

Some time ago we put together a short teaser trailer from test scene we had made in the process of testing things. Not final cut, not final color corrections, not final anything. (Yeah, I know, there is a bad camera movement at the beginning.)



Please, everyone, who knows how to script Mafia and have at least a little time, send me PM and try to do something with us.

When – if - we will have a whole mission scripted, I will cut a whole part of the movie, instead of external animations I will add storyboard into the cut. So we will show (almost) full demonstration of the final look.

This looks very good from the trailer Big Grin

Also, you should remove your email address and use the PM system here to avoid spam bots Smile

Looks nice, but I hope there will be An English and a German version too, but nice to hear the Czech Original.The trailer looks good, but in my opinion such the most cutsence from the game are so awsome, that have to be part of your movie.

Looks nice, but I hope there will be An English and a German version too, but nice to hear the Czech Original.The trailer looks good, but in my opinion such the most cutsence from the game are so awsome, that have to be part of your movie.

I was plannig only Czech dubbing. But since I want to work with English speaking <span><span>collaborators, the English is obligation.</span></span> I will do the sound mix myself. Which actually means, that among other sound effects, I will add the dubbing manually. Then when I would want to change the language, it would be only about change the directory of sounds and it should work. Well, unless the other dubbings would be numbered differently. But I dont think so. Anyway there is a little problem - sometimes the dialogs probably will be a little changed. I can do this with Czech dubbing, I can do it with English dubbing, because I understand them. I dont understand German. (I had it for two years on school, I gave it up and go for French. Smile ) But I can upload somewhere the file from program which I will use for mixing sound and someone could do any dubbing which he wants.

Anyway, its too long to get to this moment. I hope we can pull it off. Smile The scripting mainly, otherwise its just... time... Smile
Sounds good. Sometimes I use Adobe Autionen, so it's perfect. The sound files are'nt the problem, there are only a few thousends for speaking :lol: .

I didn't work yet with a 5.1 mix channel, but I hope it is'nt difficult. For testing I have a headset with 5.1 mix. There will be subtitles I think. I show how there be created, so I can do it.


Anyway there is a little problem - sometimes the dialogs probably will be a little changed.
Yes it is sometimes a problem (in the end Salerie came on the electric chair, English version he get live long to prison), but I hope we can find a solution.

First thing: Mixing. "EAX doesn't have anything to do with 3D positioning audio. Positioning is done by Microsoft's Direct 3D Sound application programming interface (API). (Or whatever, I can manually set it better.) Basically EAX is adding environment effects to Direct sound 3D." So I was a little worried about how it will sound in final cut. I have 5.1 speakers, well set, positioning will be difficult but functional better than ingame. Ofc, I will use effects too. And background sounds wont be random, as ingame. But I do promise, I will record some of the things where you can hear effects from eax separately ingame. So it will sounds good. (Sounds of cars, transitions from outside to inside, etc.)

Second thing: I will stop talking about my shit all the time and I will say something interesting for you. Smile I will do the full mix of sound. Which means - if you open the project, there will be everything set up already. The thing you will do is just changing the folder with sound from mafia and repair the timing of dubbing. And almost everything will be functional.

Third thing: By this "little changed things" I didnt mean ingame problems. There are few of them, but not in dialogs. (Btw, Salieri didnt come on the electric chair (some killers did) he get live long to prison. - How else should he send someone to kill Tommy after so long. Smile - Yea, I know the story by heart. Smile ) What I ment by it... Sometimes some part of dialog from somewhere is cutted and put into somewhere else. And this can cause a problem in another language. For example... Fantasy sound with talking, saying "for example". Now, I dont have "for" where to take it from, so I cut the sound into "for" and "example". I will use "for" somewhere in the movie. And now I put this into czech dubbing by changing the folder. Well, what is gonna happen... In czech, we have only one word for "for example" ("napriklad"). So its not gonna work. But there wont be too much of things like this.


Anyway, its pretty long journey to this point. I actually have only one scripter now. Who is a working man. And he is scripting only in some of his free time. So... this way it wont be easy to do... I hope for more people. But as it seems so far, <span><span>it's not too good</span></span>. Smile

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