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Joe's Adventures update
Hey, i have a question, where can i get the update for joe's adventures which his jacket sand his shirt are put in the wardrobe? I want the download link and i have the pirated version.

Hey. I'm not sure whether it's a good idea to say that you have a pirated version. But anyways, which update exactly are you talking about?

Im pretty sure he's talking about the latest update which added it though i'm not sure where to find it.

Yes, i'm talking about that update! I want the download link please

Probably the only place where I managed to find something on this topic, was here:

I've tried that update and when i enter in the game the jacket and the shirt aren't in the wardrobe. Who has a fix for this??

You guys didn't found another download link??

But is the update I found the exact one you're looking for? 'Cause I had a hard time figuring out which one contains the jacket and the shirt. Smile

But it is, and the patch has some directory problem

So that update doesn't works, nobody found that update on another site? And i saw that had that update and they deleted it. Why?

Hmmm... To tell you the truth I've no clue. And if this didn't work, then I'm out of ideas on how to get the update.

I really need that update so much Sad

What did you mean exactly by "directory problem"? You weren't able to install it?

I instaled the update and the jacket doesn't appears in the wardrobe, and the fix is to change the install directory 

I see now. If I understand correctly, the patch has to be installed one folder before Mafia II folder. Let's say you have your game in    >>>C:\Program Files\Mafia II<<<    So then when installing the update you have to choose to install to the "Program Files" folder. I the game is somewhere like      >>>D:\Games\Mafia II<<<     then the update goes to "Games". I suppose the installer of the update automatically creates another Mafia II folder, which is fixed if you choose one folder back, because the folder of the game and the newly created one are then merged. Have you also tried this? Smile

Nope, i will try it

I tried it and still doesn't works

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