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Super Mod by Zahar999
[center:6c2nhezf]Last year Zahar999 had made a good mod call Super mod and for some reason it dissapaer from our downlod section, few day ago i contacted him and ask him permission to upload it again and he gave me a link to the full version. Zahar999 is also a great friend of mine
i download it and for some reason it impossible to upload it but i link you guys to the orginal download.

you can get the mod there:

A big thanks to Zahar999 to make us much richer in mods

there is a video about it and what it does:

Thanks for sharing
hello it wont let me download this why
Does super mod have everything needed to run it.

do i need supermod skin jimmy ?

or a Trainer?
google ' Super Mod by Zahar999 ' if link here is dead.
i got it from playgroundDOTru.

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