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New Info FR JA v4.0 & FR M v4.0 are abandoned.

The reason is simple, I don't have enough space in the script .
Script LUA in freeraid_main.sds (M2) or in dlc_freeraid_main.sds (JA) can not exceed 61.4Ko.
if script LUA = 61.5Ko, game crash.

Fr M2 by Zahaar = 61.4Ko, it can no longer add anything in the script.

FR JA v3.0 = 61.0Ko, I can narrow it down a little, but it is not enough for add all news.

But since the beginning of the year I work on the implementation of FR JA Ultra v1.0

- it is not compatible with FR JA v3.0
- advantage Script LUA Max 810Ko + 300Ko File Animation (this is not much 3 to 5, additional animation)
- but I still have some problem, as the function "summer to winter"

PS : for Staff I no longer find how to pin a topic
This is great news as for a second I thought you simply gave up your projects and I was a bit worried. lol

I look forward to this new Free Ride!
You should be able to sticky now. Sorry about that.
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thank you joshua, I thought it was me who could not find function.

Good new function "summer to winter" is Ok now in FR JA Ultra.
I think the topic title could be modified just a little and is a bit misleading like you gave up or something. Smile
Sorry eXistenZ34. The JA FREE RIDE a good mo ! Someone can help? The mafia 2 once deleted but since mafia 2 music manager at the end of the charging
freeze! Why ? Something should be removed ? Write if anyone can help.And sorry my dab english
Any news lately? If not take your time!
Good luck with your project, we are looking foward to try your new free ride.

Cheers. :lol:
1. ur the one of bests in the world Big Grin 2. hope everything gonna end good .
(03-07-2013, 08:58 AM)eXistenZ34 Wrote: Why???

The reason is simple...

Maybe you can try writing multi-file LUA script.
Just like those original LUA script packed in the .sds files.

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