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Mafia III Wishlist
Rumor has it that Mafia III is in production and will be released sometime in 2013.
While it is a rumor, we can only hope it is true.

So, in the event it is true we wanted to invite all of our members to write what you would like to see in the next version of Mafia. Hopefully, the developers will stop in and take a look and take your interest to heart while developing the game.
So, what that said.....let the wishlist begin!
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I don't know, man. I loved Mafia II and no matter what others say, this is in my top 5 games. So I really don't know what to ask. But what I'd really love to see are Vito and Joe. They left Mafia II kinda unfinished, as we know it, so I'd like to see how the story carries on. But it's just my opinion, others will probably disagree.
Yeah I like mafia 1 and I like mafia 2. I think they should take some features from both games, as one had better here and one had better there. So a mix would be good in my eyes.
I would like to see Vito going to his native ground for the first part of the game and learn to became e Don
At his return he meet with Joe's son witch run a motorcycle club on the port. And watch Vito seek is vendetta and build his own family
Quote:I enjoyed MAFIA 2, so with that in mind;

1. Longer story
2. More interaction
3. Melee weapons / Pick up objects
4. Ability to enter buildings / locations (This has been talked about for years, I wanna see it come to fruition.)
5. Loonger story

Also I expect it to be a completely new story and M2 being over with.

Because I'm lazy :whistle:
I'd like to see the continuation of the Mafia II storyline with Joe escaping.
It would also be nice if they made an expansion of the original Mafia game with the new game engine with possible back stories to Paulie and Sam.
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I would like in Mafia III:

- Free roam, a free ride, whatever extends the game after completing the history line;

- More activities to paraller to the story line (hitmam jobs, roberys, fight club);

- Would be awsome Mafia had a gear system added to vehicles, fuel is a must! Driving is pretty cool though;

- Seasons would be cool for immersion;

- Lot's of customization items and weapons;

- Leave the restaurants, diners and bars be, they are awesome to rob and add a lot of variety to the game;

- Make the interation with people better, have the possiblity threat people and avoid conflicts somehow;

- Maintain some of the point that make mafia really cool (Interation with the police, crime punishments and some transit penalties, the nice views and the atmosphere of the 40's and 50's;

- Improve even more melee fighting, more killing moves and stuff;

- Longer story (not with missions pick and drop and boring GTA stuff);

- Nice visuals but no big requirements.

It's hard to say what to ask in this game, Mafia was great and Mafia II was not worse, but different. The one thing I ask is: While doing a sequel of the game do not forget what makes this game diferent and special.

By the way if by any chance were made a re-make of Mafia, I would play it like I was a child again. :woohoo:

Have fun.
Oh yeah, I forgot about driving. If Mafia III supports controllers and especially steering wheels, and has an interior car camera, this game is gonna rock so much I can't even describe!!! :woohoo:
i got a couple of things i'd like to see in mafia 3. they are:

the return of free ride
full modding support/tools
I'd like more functions in Free Ride. I remember playing "The Godfather". That was a rather fun game with the extortion process. I would be nice to see something similar like that in a new Mafia game.
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Yes it would be great if there have free ride implemented on the game but have tasks and events to discover and do!
I just dont want it to became like GTA ... i still want old Mafia ... and i want new story i think the 2nd end is da best so i dont want continued from 2nd ... when mafia 1 was from 1935 - 1940 and Mafia 2 was 1940 - 1947 ( or somewhere like that ) i want mafia 3 at years 1950 - 1960 with new cars , weapons , and longer stories , maybe some more things gonna happening in city , some Mafia Wars ...
I hope the story can continue from mafia2
But this means the stage is Empire Bay again...
Or can expand the EB
More missions
Can enter more building
Free ride
There are multiple endings to choose
More gun,Melee weapons
Money have more purpose
And I hope Mafia3 can announce in this year
all i want is its gonna be this year and 2K to make it awesome as they can x)
I read somewhere an article stating that mafia 3 will be announced in gamescom 2013 in one month but taking a look at their forum I didn't see in the exhibitors' list 2k or taketwo interactive.

Back in topic
Mafia 3 should be a sandbox game just like GTA. I recall 2k saying that they wanted to deliver a movie experience so they had to make the game linear, which is stupid cause if I want to live a gangster experience I will propably go watch a relevant movie.
Generally the things that could give an epic sequel are :
1) real ingame time so that you can spend time in the city or doing other missions until a main mission happens and you have to do it.
2)hundreds of different cars, public transport, cabs, maybe trains
3)cathouses , restaurants and cafes where you can actually sit down and enjoy your meal or poison, hotels
4)buying property and the ability to customize it just like Joe did with his apartment in 50s
5)clothes (tones of them)
6)side missions of course
8)the ability to become a capo and control your territories in order to raise money
9) a very strong and capable police presence and city notoriety
Mafioso - that what you said sounds to me like GTA San Andreas ... i want Mafia to be like it is , nothing more , nothing less ... If a guy wants from life too much he risk absolutly everything and can lose it all ... But if a guy dont want nothing , he wil never get anything ... - Thomas Angelo

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