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Mafia Melancholia Mod (HD overhaul mod)
This is something i`ve been working on, started in 2009 as Mafia Restoration Mod, took a break and recently resumed work. It is a HD conversion that stays true to the original game. While many mods replace too much and make the game unrecognisable, i try to stick as close to the original colour,shape and style. You could call it a "purist" mod.. This is made for people who want to revisit Lost Heaven, and are distracted - as a 2013 gamer would be - by 2002 blurry textures and blocky models. While i can`t change everything i hope to change all the textures, some models and some settings to make the game look the same while not looking blurry and akwardly blocky at times.

What will be changed :

-HD textures on ALL cars,guns,footpaths,trees(so far) and hopefully everything else in time.
-High res Lightmapping
-Unlimited Draw distance and high density traffic and pedestrians
-High poly models for some objects (barrels,wheels,pumps,trees,etc and maybe buildings)
-Bonus prototypes (nothing will be replaced, just more cars added)
-More freeride locations (at the edge of the map so it doesn't interfere with the original city)
-Freeride and Freeride Countryside united

Release :

Not until 2014. I am just one man,and i do have a day job. There are still 5000 textures to be redone, and many models, editing, etc... The mod will be FREE once finished and available for download somewhere.

Help :

You are welcomed to contribute, the sooner it`s done, the sooner i release. Just remember, the most important thing is to stay true to the original textures(shape and colour wise) I only strayed when they were too blurry or didn`t make any sense.. If anyone has some UBER skills and can do the human face textures , that would be great, because those i don`t feel i`m up to remake. You will be credited of course. There is some info in need right away :

1 -How do you change the car shadow resolution (model?texture?script?or what?) It has driven me crazy ...
2 -Why do HD textures in Freeride Countryside are grainy(shows up when you move your mouse)

Please post below. Thank you and enjoy the screens wich are JPEG by the way, so the difference is not that dramatic, but in realtime, the game it looks very good..


Bridge,car and road HD. Also high poly wheels.(High-res lightmapping not yet implemented in this screenshot)
[Image: FNZjWMd.jpg]
Everything in this picture is currently HD(except for red painted parts). Also ROUND FUCKING WHEELS ! Finally.
[Image: f4XI9Sg.jpg]
Betrone`s exterior. Rebuild from scratch.
[Image: L8uw5Gv.jpg]
HD Bertone`s. Tracked down original 1950s "GULF MOTOR OIL" poster in the background.
[Image: lawjJm0.jpg]
HD gas station. Also High poly pump,barrel and car wheels.
[Image: sslnFMq.jpg]
Port footpath
[Image: 67G2dLe.jpg]
Salieri sample. Wallpaper might be replaced with a better version. Tracked down "story of a soul" original poster.
[Image: xY5bUla.jpg]
High res lightmapping sample
[Image: gzUkkVU.jpg]
Salieri garage HD (jpeg screenshot kinda ruins it)
[Image: 9OlVwUr.jpg]
One of the BONUS PROTOTYPES, a mod of the Flamer. This is an older version, the new one is better.
[Image: hti9VlI.jpg]
Increased idle cars in missions. Also HD taxi texture.
[Image: EsOtUnC.jpg]
Tracked down original paintings, now in HD. Again, JPEG screenshot ruins it, but looks great in game.
[Image: cY3ErcT.jpg]
Hud elemnts finished. All above screenshots are WITHOUT HD hud.
[Image: LW55VBw.jpg]
That looks really awesome! Thanks for posting this. [strike]I'll be sure to post it on the front page.[/strike]
Posted on front page and on our Facebook page Smile
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joshua post=15181 Wrote:That looks really awesome! Thanks for posting this. I'll be sure to post it on the front page.
Yeah, This is fantastic!
I can't wait to upload that mod into my game, because it a fantastic work
This is really awesome, good luck with this Smile
Nice Flamer :cheer:
Really a great work , I can't wait to try it ! ! :woohoo:
Good luck with the remaining textures , keep up Smile
This looks perfect! Please say you're still working and haven't abandoned the mod. Love how carefully you preserve the original atmosphere.

Any chance you could release an early preview? Lightmapping and hi-res cars alone is worth it...

Lightmapping i have to do it last, because on my current computer it takes hours to do only a few models. So im waiting for an upgrade in 2014. All cars now have round wheels, except 2 prototypes that crash my Zmod and cannot be saved. (mutagen,black metal) I`m still working on the mod, allthough i had a few personal things set me back... I have paid someone to implement multicore support as it is needed when increasing the cars on the street, and a few other graphic enhancements. Im waiting for the files, as he sais they are done.


I really need help with this mod. If anyone wants to share some of the work, that would be great. I am still releasing this, but as to when, i dont know, it depends if anyone is willing to help bring this out sooner.


Here is a random screenshot. The building, road,sidewalk,cars all have new textures. Taxi has round wheels, the celeste didnt when i took it.


[Image: 7Czwe9a.jpg]

Here is an album of more screenshots. Also a bunch of prototypes im working on. These cars currently replace the original cars because i can edit them easier, but in the final version they will be EXTRA, and the originals will be untouched. Enjoy.,2KyZZ22,qUBp9LI...,pwUvteV#0
Hi this is an amazing mod here, I love it and I would want to see it complete. I want to know if you still work on it? I hope you do. Also I want to help you if that is possible. I don't have much experience in editing textures but I have some free time now and I think I can manage to help you, as Tommy says: "It's never too late to start." Smile

Hey mad max,

Are you still working on this? I would like to know because i am holding out on replaying till its done and i don't mind waiting but if you stopped making it, there's not much point in waiting Tongue

No more updates?

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