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Full story of Joe Unlock
How's the progress?
asm950 post=15602 Wrote:How's the progress?

60 %
tell me when can we see this brilliant job. approximately?
cool when does it come out so we can download it

ps i love ur work
Hey, How long for your awesome mod to be complete? I'm using ja 3.0 by you and I love the E key menu.. it's so wonderful especially the animations for smoking/umbrella, could you add the option to have 2 bodyguards instead of 1? I think you prob fixed this for 4.0 but Im looking forward to it, also with 3.0 I noticed the cars driving around are only like a selected few..? I'm using the 50's traffic option, and I don't see any smith thunderbolts etc what so ever I drove around everywhere? It's not that I want to drive one, since u have the option to add all cars to garage.. however I think it adds to realism to see all different cars otherwise it makes it boring seeing the exact same 4-5 cars instead of using every car available in the 50's? or is this fix-able?
eXistenZ34 please can you make this mod also for winter season?

when is the mod ready?

Hi eXistenZ34 I hope you are doing okay out there in real life and hopefully you are having no trobules working on this upcoming free ride!

If you could finish this mod you would be the hero of all Mafia2 fans all over the world, hope all is well with you

I hope you can finish this... I'm waiting for that mod.

ExistenZ Still working on it? Or do not. Mafia I now download and play fr 3.0 and badly I wanted to play this. Smile

eXistenZ34 ??? 

No shame. It would be a good mod :/

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