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CHG Editor v3.0 by Driv1r
Hi friends! Big Grin so author of the program:

[Image: normal_editor_3_0.jpg]

I present a new version of its editor *.chg (DIFF) files. Compared with the previous version of the editor has undergone a sea change, and in fact has been rewritten from scratch.

At the moment, the editor supports the following types of objects:

- Model Objects (creating, editing)
- Sounds (editing)
- Standart Objects (creating, editing)
- Enemy (creating, editing)
- Car (creating, editing)
- Player (at the moment there is only information about its presence / absence)
- Script (creating, editing)
- Subframe effect (creating, editing)

P.S. Removing objects by pressing the Delete

You can download it here:

You should upload it in our download section, that place is a pain to download it fast.

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