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Mafia 2 Multiplayer - I Want to help in development.
Hello everyone!
It's been a long time ago, that I have had posted something on a Mafia-related page Wink
Currently I'm working on a new Injector for the game, reversing it.. is a pain in the ass for me, but it slowly going on.
In middle of the development; I'm think that supporting the M2-MP project is the best way I can currently help to stop of the dying of the project.. And here is my question; Has someone got Aarons email address? It is currently the only way to contact him, but I want try this anyway.

Please, If anyone has got his email address please contact me through a reply here or PM.
Thanks in advance.

I don't think anyone has his email address here, but I have the whole mafia 2 sdk reverse engineered maybe we can work together I don't know

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