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News 12-2014 FR JA v4.0 & FR M2 v4.0. i am back
Autumn in Mafia 2.

Summer transition, autumn and winter in FR JA v4.0

If you are good with Photoshop or other software, you can create can be other seasons like spring or autumn / winter, winter / spring etc ...

Files Autumn created by Nalgash 2010

File modification "city_crash.sds, fredy.sds, fast.sds, illia.sds...", work not yet finished .
For Game, DLC & FreeRide.

Test Carcyclopedia for FR

Test Prison for FR M2

Test Office Price for FR JA v4.0
Welcome back sir! The new Free Ride looks great!

How you manage to squeeze more into the file??
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