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Site News Status Update
Hello Mafia Scene friends!

I wanted to give you a little status update of what's going on.
First, happy holidays to everyone out there and best new years to everyone as well!

As you might have already noticed, the site has gotten a little upgrade from before. I wanted to take some time to explain some features and planned features.

You might have noticed a decrease in page load time when you visit. That is because the site is now based off of the Twitter bootstrap system. For those not familiar with Bootstrap, take a look over on WIKI for more information. In a nutshell, it speeds things up and makes the site very responsive.

Our homepage is pretty much as it was before. We still have our showcase slider as well as quick links with large icons so people can see them right away. In addition, there is the "Who's Online", "Latest Threads", "Our Facebook", "Forum Stats", and "Our Friends" info. None of that really has changed.

The top bar, you'll notice, is fixed now and as you scroll down, the top menu is always available. On the left hand side of the menu is the "User Control Panel' or UCP. It has a nice little picture there as well as important links that are only available to logged in users.

If i haven't bored you thus far, lets get into some things I think everyone will enjoy.

The forums are updated and have the same functions as most modern forum software. We have also brought back our points for activity system as well as a shop that will have items that you can display on your user bar located through the forums. In the future, we will expand on this part of our site to bring you something exciting. We will talk about that part later.

We also have some support forums, where a user can make a new thread that is only visible to them and the staff here at Mafia Scene. It's a nice feature and one that will keep private conversations between our members and staff private.

Our download system is back, but closed for the moment. We are in the process of uploading some of our downloads.

For our modders - We always try to improve the ease of use aspect of the site. Modders still have their private forums, and the ability to upload their mods to our site for hosting. One new feature we plan to implement is the ability of modders to make some actual revenue to support their modding project. In the very near future, our modders will have the option to list their work for free, or ask for a donation before their work can be downloaded.

These are just a few of the improvements we plan to implement over the next few months. We would like to have your feedback about this as we are always trying to improve our community experience.
For site support visit - Site Help
For mod support visit - Modders Corner
Submit Mod News visit - Submit Mod News

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