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General Off Topic News on my healt
After a regrssion of the cancer, in the last 3 months he had grown back of 20%, after a 60% dimunition so it is growing back, I'm facing a new treatment starting next month.
you got a cancer?
hope it can be dealt well...
I hope you will be fine Wink
so how are u now
Tomorow they will install what they call a pipe line, it is a cateter direct on my chest and starting monday i will have a 5 days in a row of cemo. the cancer after regessing had start growing back, so that why ths shock treatment.

If you smoke, stop it will kill you slowly, they pain is so hard that some night when i go to bed i wish not to wake up in the morning. But i'm a fighter and i wont give up so easely.

[Image: stage-4-lung-cancer-photo.jpg]

[Image: 11334155-4th-stage-of-lung-cancer.jpg]

my breath is so short that some time taking a 5 minutes walk look like if i'm climnbing the Everest and i become so dizzy that i have to sit
crazypreacher post=15314 Wrote:If you smoke, stop it

That words exactly; don't even start it, guys.
Well , i never want to start it , but i see too a 12 years old kids smoking on street Huh
Taylor post=15354 Wrote:but i see too a 12 years old kids smoking on street Huh

That's really terrible...
Hi, crazypreacher! Smile

Hold strong man, You are with us and WE ALL are with YOU!

Keep going and troubles won't win. Best wishes and good luck from Italy. Smile
I seem worst, people with me in therapy they get out of chimio and the first thing they do when out of the hospital, they light a cigarette, thanks God he gave me the will to stop the day i was sick the 9th of october 2012 it was my last cigarette.

But at 12 years you you beleive that your invulnerable, but life hang on a thread

Please if you smoke make yourselve a gift of heath and you will also save a ton of money
break the habit, stop smoking

[Image: Stop%20Smoking.jpg]

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