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The Commission Mod
Ok, so you\'ve probably all already seen most of this on either the old Mafia Scene or My siteBut here it is anyway Big Grin )[size=99px]The Commission Mod.[/size][size=99px]A new story mod for Mafia.[/size]Set in a new city you will control Franco Phillipinno. A soldier for the Grannoli Family. It is 1931, a vicious and bloody war between the Grannoli and Rogotti families which has lasted 6 months has left the people of Sultant City in fear. Now Don Grannoli is set to get back to business and make the peace with Rogotti and one thing that the old Don has learned is that dead men don\'t make problems in business.So he has called a meeting with the Sultant City Commission. And he has arranged for you to finally put an end to this conflict.[size=99px]The Screens[/size][size=99px]Franco Phillipinno\'s Save House[/size]As anybody who has read The Godfather knows that a war usually follows a \"hit to the matresses\". A run down and dirty apartment where key members hide when in fear of death or when the heat is on. And Franco Phillipinno is no different. Due to the war he cannot simply go home to see his wife and children, he must stay here in this dreadful apartment.[Image: game2010091319033325.jpg][Image: game2010091319033711.jpg][Image: game2010091319034308.jpg]And yes that toilet in the corner will be useable Wink )[Image: Game2010-10-1120-42-22-99.jpg]Even with prohibition in effect it does\'nt stop the citizens enjoying a night out. Like this individual, looks like he had a good night.[Image: Game2010-10-1120-44-16-25.jpg]Police corruption is rife in the city it seems (those mobsters are from the Rogotti Family, your enemies).[Image: Game2010-10-1120-44-38-73.jpg]Crime is all part of day to day life for the people of Sultant City (These guys are your mobsters)[Image: Game2010-10-1120-45-09-33.jpg]But with all of this going on, you still have a job to do.[Image: Game2010-10-1120-40-21-97.jpg]I also have another video for you all, a show case of the finished city Wink .[Image: Game2010-11-3016-04-29-58.jpg]^Full size link of this screenshot^ ... -29-58.jpgAnd this of course is the bathroom.[Image: Game2010-11-3016-04-43-82.jpg][youtube][/youtube]I am really starting to love being able to create brilliant lighting effects, it makes it all seem so much more atmospheric. Illusion Softworks (Not 2K Czech as they are now known), my hat still goes off to you even now, 8 years later (I am just sad that you sold out to the evils of commercialism *cough* 2K sucks *cough*) Excuse me, I seem to have a terrible cough today Wink ).[Image: Game2010-12-1100-36-14-02.jpg][Image: Game2010-12-1100-36-26-72.jpg]And of course in the back room (away from the prying eyes of the public) Don Grannoli, Consiglieri Roy (the fella in the grey overcoat) and Manny Ticesto (the guy in white and is also one of the key family members) discuss business and plan expansive operations. Of course however, in other missions other key family members will be in the office instead of Manny. But Roy will always be present and close to Don Grannoli at all times.[Image: Game2010-12-1100-37-42-90.jpg]I intend to keep the storyline a secret so that there are no spoilers shown before the release (it keeps people guessing that way Wink *.*Leave the house*Call the Don*Head to the apartment*Leave the apartment*Go to the gunshop*Drive to the warehouse*Big shootout*Leave the warehouse*Go back to the apartmentmission 4 (spoliers excluded of course)*Go to car showroom*Express interest in certain car*Speak to associate*Visit store merchant*Speak to another associate*Drive to building*shootout*Drive back*Speak with another associate*Deliver boxes to location*Re-enter car show room*Drive homeAnd mission 5*Answer phone*Leave apartment*Meet Tony*Drive to location*Take car*Drive to location*Wait around*Return to the apartmentOh, and heres the mods now offical screenshot Big Grin ).[Image: Game2011-04-3000-36-45-10.jpg][Image: Game2011-04-3000-37-32-18.jpg][Image: Game2011-04-3000-38-52-17.jpg][Image: Game2011-04-3000-38-57-63.jpg][Image: Game2011-04-3000-39-14-42.jpg]Heres one of when you touch down in familier surroundings. Thats right, Franco\'s travelling from Sultant City to Lost Heaven (and is going to no doubt meet some familier faces on his visit. But thats for later Smile )And lastly. On an un-related note, heres a screen of the new Commission Mod Main Menu Smile Mission 8*Leave apartment*Go to the bar*Drive to location*Beat up the thugs*Drive back to the bar*Go homeAnd also Mission 9 (once again, all spoilers removed)*Drive to destination*Speak with shop owner*Collect money*Leave shop*Drive back to the bar*Go home[size=99px]Commission Mod Trailer 1[/size][youtube][/youtube]Ok, so its been a few days and I\'ve taken some serious things into consideration so I can show you all something productive without giving away plot.One thing I did remember saying a while back was that I would show buildings that are important to the story. This way you guys get screenshots and I get continue to keep my story a secret (Although they do say a picture speaks a thousend words Smile I present to you.[size=99px]Screens and a gameplay video![/size]First off.[size=99px]Morello\'s Bar[/size]Specially re-designed to fit my needs in Commission mod. Personally, I think I did a damn good job recreating it to the one Illusion (god rest \'em Cry) made.My Morello Bar.(The main bar area)[Image: Game2011-05-3022-38-18-47.jpg](Lee the doorman)[Image: Game2011-05-3022-38-35-35.jpg](The hallway area)[Image: Game2011-05-3022-38-44-87.jpg](Morello\'s office. With him being firmly incharge of the LH Mafia at this point in time I needed to think very luxuious Sad But my confidence is growing (or at least I like to think it is)The gameplay you see here is from the third mission of Commission Mod. The begining cutscene has been taken out for video purposes.[youtube][/youtube]EDIT: I just realised I f**ked up on the commentary where I introduce the city and the two guys (Manny and Charles) who are with you on the mission :S I apoligise for that, I was just so keen to get this right and I messed up Smile [Image: Game2011-06-2413-48-31-98.jpg][Image: Game2011-06-2413-48-48-52.jpg][Image: Game2011-06-2413-49-00-74.jpg][size=99px]Exterior screens[/size]The house is in Oakwood (Its also the biggest in all of the neighborhood Big Grin [Image: Game2011-06-2521-59-14-17.jpg]Heres the first mission of Commission Mod Part 2 - A Family Divided.The introduction. (as always just mission objectives details to avoid spoilers)*Answer the phone*Collect equipment and leave your house*Meet Giovanni for a drink at the Stage Bottle Bar(Cutscene)*Leave the bar*Drive homeIn other news.I haven\'t gone completely without anything to \"show\" you this time as I have screenshots of Part 2\'s christmas themed menu (sorry for the look of the presents but I am a modder not a modeler ya know! Smile Regards*Ruby*
Wow, ruby, welcome, and thank you so much for supporting the site.And awesome looking mod as well. :cheer:Btw, I also do custom work, take a peek at my thread... ... dders.htmlI build for free, I do it because I love Mafia, if you want a rendered interior made, please do ask. [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smiley.gif[/img]
Looks great Ruby! Listen, if you want some front page exposure let us know and we can put something up for you. We can make it a \"Featured Mod\"
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"joshua" post=127"":6c89f3dx Wrote:if you want some front page exposure let us know and we can put something up for you. We can make it a "Featured Mod"
That would be cool and appriciated if its not too much trouble (don\'t mean to be blowing my own trumpet)but I\'ve gone to a lot of work to make all of this (I\'ve been at it for nearly a year now and its still far from finished. lol) and I want to see as many people enjoy it and become aware of it as possible [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smiley.gif[/img]So thanks in advance.Regards*Ruby*
No problem at all mate! That is why we are here to help anyone out that is working on mods.
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Exactly right, Josh, we do everything we can to help modders. We want to make modders feel like family on this site.
Its been a while. But I am back Smile )The basic jist of this mission is that Franco has been assigned to go to a Chinese businessman\'s apartment in China Town and collect his loan fee for helping to keep the business afloat.Franco arrives at the apartment but finds nobody home (after having kicked the door in and searched around Smile Regards*Ruby*
Looks great Ruby!
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Cheers Josh Smile
I could wait for all three parts myself...but I\'m not a very impatient man start a poll and see how it goes [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smiley.gif[/img]
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Hmm, if you do believe that the mod will take very long, then sure, by all means do so, It would attract more attention the mod, and people will offer idea\'s and thoughts on your work so far. So yeah, release Part I / Part II / Part III, as you finish each one, cause I am sure we all would love to see Part I.
I agree with Mike, but should be able to start a poll to get user feedback. I have it set up so you an do that [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smiley.gif[/img]
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Mmm.. very interesting. I\'m liking the rooftop scene very much. As it happens I\'m working on one myself [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/wink.gif[/img]Keep up the good work buddy.
Ok, due to (extreamly Smile .It will include*A new City*New main characters*New storyline*14/15 fully playable missionsAnd thats just for part 1 [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/wink.gif[/img]Watch this spaceRegards*Ruby*
Sounds fantastic Ruby, when you make the release I will make a lovely post of it on homepage. [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smiley.gif[/img]
I am so far 90% done the story on Part I, and I really love it. I really can feel the love you put into this mod, it really has loads of work in it and we thank you for your hard efforts at the best mod i\'ve played yet for Mafia I.The only problem I have is the interior buildings, I am a 3D modeller and I can make you 3D interior sets, take a look at my first Mafia building...[Image: forumphoto1.png]As you can see with your interior sets looking like this, would make your mod 100x more immersive, and feel like an actual DLC to the main game, and I can build for you what you like no cost or anything like that, just for the good of Mafia modding. [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smiley.gif[/img]The building in the photo above is not in a render scene, that is all textured onto the walls, the shadows and AO, so you could just slap it in scene and load the game and no messing around with the building.Thread:
I think nearly 3 weeks has been more than enough time so...Some feedback please guys? Is there anything you want to say?What you enjoyed, what you didn\'t enjoy etc.I\'m looking forward to some contrusctive critisism [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smiley.gif[/img]Regards*Ruby*
As a matter of fact I recently installed again and experienced this incredible game (Mafia I)but I had forgotten about your mod so I am downloading it now and I will come up with my impressions soon ( if I manage to install it properly [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/tongue.gif[/img] )
You\'ll love it, It is the best Mafia I mod that I\'ve played yet, but the interiors are bad, as I said in the post 2 weeks ago, if the interiors were equal to like what is in the original Mafia I game, the mod would seriously feel like a DLC.
I started the mod and... I found it very detailed and nice designed. Taking into consideration that only one guy made all this alone I think you deserve to get the game development seriously.Here\'s a few things I would like changed,added,removed1) add more good cars ( those you usually get from Lucas Bertone)2) try to make better interiors with good textures3) give more detail to the exterior too. For example the house where you live with your family has outside grass but I only can see a green ground. 4)put some pedestrians5) about the streets. You could place the real mafia streets and not just a grey ground as well as put some moving cars6) there are some places outside where 2 buildings are covering each other and it appears very creepy7) Regarding the subtitles make them last a bit longer, sometimes I don\'t have the time to read them all [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/cool.gif[/img]Put some music and city sounds ( I could only hear my footsteps,the gunshots and the music in the bar)9)...keep up the good work. I understand you have made this from scratch and it is really worth giving it a try.Sorry if I was rude in my recommendations but that\'s what you asked after all...constructive feedback. Gongrats :cheer: :lol:

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