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The Commission Mod
I'm very glad to hear this ruby!!
vapno92:2vu71c9s Wrote:And will you try to improve technical site of Commision mod?
Try at least to repair sounds, when you know, that you added sounds and they didn't work, why you didn't repair that issue?

Did you extract all of Mafia's default files with data extractor and then paste my mods files afterwards?

If not then there's the reason you heard no sounds throughout the mod. You're the first to bring the issue up. But thank you Smile

If you just took my files and put them in your directory without using data extractor first then there are some issues. I'm aware of this.

johncena1:2vu71c9s Wrote:I'm very glad to hear this ruby!!

Thanks a bunch, John Smile



P.S - I am just one modder at the end of the day. This was my idea for one last "great mod" when I thought that, after Mafia II's release that our community would be finished. Stopped stone dead.

Some say I should never of attempted such a project alone. And in some aspects I agree. I'm crazy for it, and good or bad its what I'll always be remembered for on here Tongue I am not a great modder by any means. And I certainly am not a modeler as you can probably tell from my past interiors ;P but at the end of the day. Modding is my hobby, and I like to share it with others. I'm glad that most reviews of both of CM parts so far were mainly positive Smile But nothing can be perfect and I don't expect it to be. I just do the best with what I have/know and implement new things as I learn.

I share my work with you all cos we love this fantastic game. If you like my work, download it. If you don't, then make something better so that I too can learn from your experiances and be able to then better myself and further improve the life of this game Smile

I don't know if anyone plays Half-Life. But the Black Mesa mod got released this week and its truely incredible. Hopefully one day, if we all get an extreamly brilliant band of modders together, we could create something just as good as that for Mafia.

Thats just a dream anyway.

Regards to all

There's no need to extract files. If some "original" file isn't in folder, Mafia will load it from DTA file. It's because Stream commands are for OGG files, not for WAV files.
I don't know, from where this myth comes, but it's true, when you for example want taxi00.4DS and you don't have extracted it, it doesn't mind. ONLY problem is with City Musics, because city musics aren't stored in sounds/music in DTA file, but extractor is placing it there.
But I don't mean only sound issue... For example, I tried to hit morello and I thought, that I'll be dead in 2 seconds, but nothing happened.
Commision mod have great atmosphere, but modding in team (At least two poepole) is much more funnier, I am doing model jobs, details like briefings, intermezzos and Samo does action part, cutscenes and scripting works like that. And there are more opinions to recognize and fix bugs. It's not shame to share pride for work with somebody,
After some great hours, completed the Commission Mod Part 2, and I came here with my feedback Smile

So where I start... All missions contained great minutes of action, scenes and gameplay...
The Commission Mod Part 2 storyline was interesting and varied just like Part 1.
My favourite scenes were:
First one: [spoiler:1uy85v8d]When Franco, Giovanni and his friend buried the dead body at contryside Big Grin [/spoiler:1uy85v8d]
Second one: [spoiler:1uy85v8d]When Franco killed Giovanni at his apartment[/spoiler:1uy85v8d]

Of course, there were more nice scenes but these are my favourites Smile
When I was playing the missions I found two bugged missions, which I can't completed and I skipped them.
First one: [spoiler:1uy85v8d]When Franco needs to deliver the boxes to the shop.After I unloaded the truck, in the cutscene after the dialogues nothing happens[/spoiler:1uy85v8d]
Second one: [spoiler:1uy85v8d]After reaching the zone, near Little Italy Gas Station, when the yellow car arrive to the gas station, nothing happens.The gas station attendant try to refuel the car, but he can't to do.The cutscene doesn't disappear.[/spoiler:1uy85v8d]

In some missions can be found some nice ideas, which I liked Smile just like the [spoiler:1uy85v8d]fireworks, shoot down the lock etc.[/spoiler:1uy85v8d]

Overall the Part 2 was great and action-packed.Good work Wink I'm waiting for see what will be in the last part Wink
Hello all.

Figured it was time to update you all on whats been happening.

First off, this mod is still in production. Just not at a fast pace. For you see, I gained myself a girlfriend a couple of days after I started working on Part 3, so naturally, most of my time (other than work) is dedicated to her, along with my friends/social life.

But alas, this mod is still at work. But more sort of "if and when" I get the time. Usually I dedicate an hour or so a night to it. I have no screens to show as of yet that don't spoil the story, but so far, I have completed 2 missions and am half way through the 3rd.

Also, I'd like to open something to discussion here Smile (even though I've already decided to do it).

I have decided to "ret con" the ending of my mod so it differs a little from what you all saw at the begining of Commission Mod Part 1. Some dialogue will be changed, and some characters may be missing/replaced from the scene.

If you are unaware of what a "ret con" is then feel free to educate yourself here. And if you still are unsure. Then some examples of "ret conning" are...

Mafia's ending scene - In Mafia, the two men who kill Tommy are anonymous. Where as in Mafia II, they are revealed to be Vito and Joe.

Half Life 2 - Valve "ret conned" a lot of minor background characters from Half life into main characters in Half Life 2 (Barney Calhoun, Dr. Kliener, Eli Vance, Dr. Magenson etc)

Pretty much any "slasher" movie (Halloween films are best example here. Where the baddie appears to be dead and is then revealed to be alive in the next movie).

So yeah, anyway, what do you guys think of my idea to "ret con" the ending of Commission Mod a little? I'd love to hear your feedback Smile

Hope you're all well Smile


Not a bad idea.It's a good end for the next start, and the storyline could be longer and interesting.It's will be a good idea, if you will want to continue or start a new mission mod.
Anyway I like this idea Wink
Well,from the beginning of the part 1 i always thought that he wont die.That it will turn out differently.There is always a twist isnt there Tongue .But nice to see that you are considering this after all those years ;D :Smile
Thank you both for your kind replies. The "retcon" of the ending will go ahead as planned Smile

Now, for a new question. (sorry for turning my mod topic into a Q&A, but I feel my fans feedback is important)

Incase people are unaware. After part 3 is released, I plan to release The Commission Mod: Collection Pack. With all 3 mods bundled into one MASSIVE file. Which will include an alternate ending to part 2.

The question is this.

Would any of you like me to put developer's commentary in the collection pack? so that as you play you have the choice to hear me talk about things such as...

How I got the mod idea, what I like about it, what I feel I could have done better, my plans for the future, and how I feel about the mod as a whole.

Kind of like what Valve have done with Half-Life, Left 4 Dead and Portal.

If you think its a good idea, let me know. And if not, then also let me know Smile I'd love to hear the feedback so I can act upon it.

Happy posting guys and gals.



P.S - Part 3 is coming along nicely. 4 missions have been made so far. Just hang in there, soon the mod will be complete. But I am busy, and am taking my time with the final part of this mod. Its been 3 years now, I am not about to rush things.
Yeah, I think that would be good ruby.
your part 1 is awesome,but your part 2 download link shows no file found by gamefront what i do
Hey all. Long time no see.

Just a heads up, the final part of The Commission Mod (Part III) is finished. But not being released yet as I have decided to go back and fix a few of the bugs in the previous parts now I have the time as the project is done Smile

All CM downloads are off the internet for the time being, when I feel they are up to standard Parts 1 and 2, along with 3 will be uploaded again.

Also, I am holding back part 3 because I am working on an alternate ending for parts 2 and 3 respectively.

You got a big bag of goodies comin' your way, players Smile You just gotta hold out a while longer.

In the meantime however, here's a trailer for The Commission Mod - Part III Smile



hi ruby

welcome back,

I just have small request that please reupload your story mod days in the life mod.I want to play that mod
I here by announce all parts of the Commission Mod up and runnin' Smile


Part I

Part II

Part III

Enjoy, and please. Should anyone find any bugs that hinder their gameplay (I.E - Player can't move, mission doesn't progress as it should etc) then please let me know and I will fix it as soon as I can. I have done extensive testing, but no one's perfect. These mods have taken me 3 years to make, and I'm only 1 man after all Wink

P.S - Parts 1 and 2 have been changed slightly, hence why the old versions were taken down as I have re-worked them/sorted some bugs out etc. So please, do re-download them too for the full Commission Mod experience Smile (along with 2 alternate endings)


Hi Ruby!
Glad to see you were able to finish you work after so many years. I'll make a post on the front page for you.
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So. It's been a week. You've all had a chance to play. What do you think of The Commission Mod in its 100% finished glory? Feedback time, people!

Good and bad, let me have it all Smile like both barrels of a lupara to the chest.


Like I said earliear. Story and atmosphere is GENIAL! But technical things are very annoying.
Why don't you joined someone to team? You could do storyline and scripting and somebody else can do modeling,
Second thing, bugs: How can I completely kill all the people in bar, including Morello and my buddies, and game continue running, like everything is OK? :cheer:

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