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The Commission Mod
The mod looks briliant, I enojoyed part I, one of my fav levels was the warehouse of where your getting revenge on the boss of that joint, and the political mans car, and where you save your gang member from captivaty. awesome fun. Just one problem with the mod, one HUGE problem, the interiors are making it hard to sink in to how fantastic the mod really is, the interiors look bad, and that is where for me all the goodies happen. I don't mean to slag or anything like that, just if the interiors were same quality as the storyline in Mafia I, it would probably feel like a big DLC in 2003 if the interiors fitted right.
Awesome progress Ruby!
These screens are beautiful Ruby! The storyline is very variant, and the interiors are great.You have nice imaginations  Wink
Keep up and good modding  Smile
Just a heads up to let you all know that the mod is currently on hold while I commit to another, more important project which will be ready for Mafia's 10th Anniversary Wink but more on that another time.

I'll let you know when the mods back on once I've finished the other project.


Wow ruby this is surely going to be the best mafia mission mod ever made :o hmy: .
btw Ive heard 2k games are looking for new people maybe you should.. Big Grin just joking...
fuck those bastards.I hope the mod will be avaible soon cant wait to play it Smile
Ok. Part 2 is back on track! Smile

Time to fire up the mod tools and crack on, still got quite a way left to go.

All I ask in return is your continued patience.

Regards to all

Are there any news, updates on the way Ruby Smile ?
JOJOXX" post=5007":1mj0kndq Wrote:Are there any news, updates on the way Ruby Smile ?

So glad you asked JoJo Smile Because...

Here we are!!!

Now, what I am about to show, has been on my ideas board for 2 years (since the disappointment of Mafia II infact). So...

I present to you all...

MY ULTIMATE REVENGE ON 2K! :evil: :evil: :evil:

So's not to give away the story. I shall stick with the basics.

Franco has been sent to OBLITERATE! the "2K Shipping Co." (because games were not around back then Wink ).

No witnesses must be left alive. So Franco has been sure to clean house here.

[Image: Game2012-03-1400-01-12-67.jpg]

And after planting a few explosives at several gas mains around the warehouse buildings.

[Image: Game2012-03-1400-01-44-15.jpg]

The 2K Shipping Co is toast. Franco's job is done, and my revenge on the cheating bastards is finally complete!

[Image: Game2012-03-1400-02-27-94.jpg]

For all the loyal Mafia 1 fans, this was for you. Its not 2K's actual headquarters (unfortunatly Sad ). But its close enough to have given me some form of satistfaction, and I hope it has for you too Smile

Regards and stay tuned for more updates.


P.S - Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to show this to the "lovely" guys and gals at 2K. Who thinks I should? (Not that it matters, I probably will anyway Big Grin )
Haha very originall Ruby!Maybe you could search for the names of the most responsible guys in 2k and add it to your story?That would piss them off Big Grin .
Haha nice. I wonder what made Morello so pissed that he made him blow up 2k base haha
Now they are done, Ruby B) Good idea B)
You guys interested in a new update?

If so, then let me know Smile


Of course Ruby Dragon Smile
Yes, of course, I would like to know :cheer:
Ok then guys and gals. Here it is then. Just a taste mind you Wink Can't be giving too much away.

[Image: Game2012-05-0223-26-11-96.jpg]

Franco taking part in an illegal boxing ring against a moolie? What could this be about? (Giovanni is also there behind the cage, although he doesn't look too pleased about seeing Franco participating)

Stay tuned.

Hope you enjoyed this minor update and new piece of info.

I would mark part 2 at being about 45%/50% done. Things have been progressing faster recently and I intend to keep up this pace.

Regards to all.

Very nice atmospheric screen Ruby.
I like the new idea.The trilogy seemed exaggerated to me a little bit cuz one unit would easily give up.
Samo:2xy5bk81 Wrote:I like the new idea.The trilogy seemed exaggerated to me a little bit.

The trilogy is still being made. I was just saying that I've now decided to go for 4 parts instead of 3. The 4th part will serve as the epilogue.

Samo:2xy5bk81 Wrote:The trilogy seemed exaggerated to me a little bit cuz one unit would easily give up.

What do you mean by "one unit would easily give up"? Smile
Darren" post=7262":oww2mkx0 Wrote:How about you finish your trilogy step by step first instead of talking about more ideas which will only delay the release?.

Don't worry, mate Smile It makes no difference. Seeing as each part is being made individually (step by step as you said) I don't need to worry about new ideas holding up developement as they will simply just be included in the next part. And seeing as the Epilogue will be a new part entirely when Part 3 is released you will already have the whole Commission Mod story anyway. The epilogue will just serve as, well, the epilogue. Closure Smile


By one unit i mean one person.I mean that you are taking too much on your back.Team work is always better.

Like someone who is a good modeler and designer would model the city,someone would script it,and someone would write a storyline.That way its more fun for team members and people.Cuz its more detailed and team work is always more fun.When you do all alone it may get quite boring because you know whats gonna happen and you are not surprised from anything.
By trying to do 3 pieces you will never be able to focus on one perfectly and never make it very detailed.

Anyway its just my opinion.I would never go for a big project like this alone.
I quite admire you for that Confusedide:
I love to see your updates, this mod has to be as long, if not longer than the actual main-game storyline, the first part takes a good amount of hours, well done mate, you put in tons of hard work. Smile

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