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Mafia 2 Skins
Hi i would like to make myself a simple skin to Mafia II , just put some text on jacket etc. Is on internet some Tutorial how to make skin ? thx
1) Use SDS tool for unpack and repack .sds file.
2) Use Paint.NET or other log for modify .dds image.
- MIP_xxxxd.sds

3) Repack .sds file.

see here for SDS tool.
Thx too much ! but how i put that file again to sds ?
Ah... okay i see how put it back .
Okay all works , Thx Too much Existenz !! your really the best :kiss:

[Image: tumblr_mpkhomw1Cn1sqd56ho1_1280.jpg]
Salut existenz, je n'arrive pas à modifier les poster des bars ou magasin pourtant j'ai suivit ta méthode.

Merci Smile


Hi existez', i can't modify posters in bars or shops nevertheless i folowed your method.

Thanks Smile

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