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Free Ride for DLC Joe's Adventures v2.0
[align=center:1g80wqyi][size=300:1g80wqyi]Free Ride for DLC Joe's Adventures v2.0[/size][/align:1g80wqyi]

[align=center:1g80wqyi][Image: ae2j53.jpg][/align:1g80wqyi]
[align=center:1g80wqyi]Multi 6 (cz, de, en, fr, pl, ru)[/align:1g80wqyi]



[align=center:1g80wqyi]File 1), 2a) or 2b) & 3) are necessary for play FR JA v2.0[/align:1g80wqyi]

[align=center:1g80wqyi]link dead, see download section.[/align:1g80wqyi]


[align=center:1g80wqyi]Download & instal: FR JA v2.0 - Commun Files Setup (49.35 Mo)[/align:1g80wqyi]
[align=center:1g80wqyi]Info Hash
Quote:CRC32: EBB0A571
MD5 : 68AF93EDD6372453B05750DC80B0053E
SHA-1: 1799E21DA4F36BCF24FADCA1D3567D0F5C3FC740

[align=center:1g80wqyi]Download & instal: FR JA v2.0 - Joe Player Setup (1.02 Mo)[/align:1g80wqyi]
[align=center:1g80wqyi][Image: 34htgep.jpg][/align:1g80wqyi][align=center:1g80wqyi]Info Hash
Quote:CRC32: A793CCF5
MD5 : 3C1BBC1C47F363D411858C9DE0E4F411

[align=center:1g80wqyi]Download & instal: FR JA v2.0 - Vito Player Setup (1.06 Mo)[/align:1g80wqyi]
[align=center:1g80wqyi][Image: 16gmj4h.jpg][/align:1g80wqyi][align=center:1g80wqyi]Info Hash
Quote:CRC32: 9942A3A6
MD5 : 7710024B9008951D3C88DF4B132658B3
SHA-1: D1FA27D148CE8A71D9A5EC7711CE47DB53EE277A

[align=center:1g80wqyi]Download & instal: FR JA v2.0 - Skin Option Player Setup (31.69 Mo)[/align:1g80wqyi]
[align=center:1g80wqyi][Image: j9rbdg.jpg][/align:1g80wqyi][align=center:1g80wqyi]Info Hash
Quote:CRC32: 3FB5F3FC
MD5 : 1DDA54684B5F8C33B8C1612AF696B538
SHA-1: 2F05D828DA78A7DA5AD15BE5E21A69E502B6179D

[align=center:1g80wqyi]To find location of Option (Player, Weather-Season-Traffic, Garage)[/align:1g80wqyi]
[align=center:1g80wqyi]Download: Screenshots (8.52 MB)[/align:1g80wqyi]

[align=center:1g80wqyi]and play Free Ride[/align:1g80wqyi]


[align=center:1g80wqyi]For play Chapter 04 - Cathouse, you must reinstall[/align:1g80wqyi]
[align=center:1g80wqyi]Download & instal: FR JA v2.0 - Cathouse Original Files Setup (28.21 Mo)[/align:1g80wqyi]
[align=center:1g80wqyi][Image: dzft45.jpg][/align:1g80wqyi][align=center:1g80wqyi]Info Hash
Quote:CRC32: EA95805D
MD5: 1AACA770246DA5AF05A903B2A64F7EFB
SHA-1: EE0FAD66F12E33EC269FB95F5CAF81FE63E6D747


[align=center:1g80wqyi]For uninstal FR JA v2.0[/align:1g80wqyi]
[align=center:1g80wqyi]Download & instal: FR JA v2.0 - Original Files Setup (37.96 Mo)[/align:1g80wqyi]
[align=center:1g80wqyi]Info Hash
Quote:CRC32: 2131E39F
MD5 : 1DFDD99C1597D5A0CD067F51127B709E
SHA-1: A50755842378454CE00C1A3BDA230A974F35BDD8


[align=center:1g80wqyi]Since the update 5, 2K on Steam have blocked my menu for FR JA therefore you need to use this (Merci 2K).[/align:1g80wqyi]
[align=center:1g80wqyi]Download: NoCD for Update 5, Backup your original file before (6.51 Mo)[/align:1g80wqyi]


[align=center:1g80wqyi]If you cannot enter the Printery or M-Hotel in FR JA v2.0, please download from this link, it contains the files to enter those buildings, the reason for download is that 2K removed the files in this download from the main game in there latest patch.[/align:1g80wqyi]
[align=center:1g80wqyi]Download: Mafia II Joe's Adventure's missing files for FR JA v2.0 (??.?? MB)[/align:1g80wqyi]


[align=center:1g80wqyi]Detail & Evolution FR JA[/align:1g80wqyi]

[align=center:1g80wqyi]Free-Ride & Menu for Joe's adventures  v2.0 (09-12-2011)[/align:1g80wqyi]
[li]Setup for instal.[/li]
[li]Add Bodyguard Tony only in summer.[/li]
[li]E-key Door for M-Hotel.[/li]
[li]Fixed any Bug.[/li][/ul]
[align=center:1g80wqyi]Free-Ride & Menu for Joe's adventures  v1.9 (07-18-2011)[/align:1g80wqyi]
[li]Transition from summer to winter.[/li]
[li]Now in Car option - Hide/Show Radar and Speedometer.[/li]
[li]Pb Cathouse : Ok (backup your original files before).[ul]
[li]modification of the file for FR JA.[ul]
[li]Mafia ii/pc/dlcs/cnt_joes_adventures/sds/city/dlccathouse.sds[/li]
[li]Mafia ii/pc/dlcs/cnt_joes_adventures/sds/shops/dlc_cathouse_chodba.sds[/li][/ul][/li][/ul][/li]
[li]Pb Name tram station on the map : Ok[/li]
[li]Map with Bus line : Created by Relight[/li]
[li]Doors Printery : Ok[/li]
[li]Acces M-hotel : Ok[/li][/ul]
[align=center:1g80wqyi]Free-Ride & Menu for Joe's adventures  v1.8 (04-29-2011)[/align:1g80wqyi]
[li]New Script.[/li]
[li]New Menu.[/li]
[li]New option Player[ul]
[li]Hide or Show Radar and Speedometer.[/li]
[li]add different skin for Vito Joe or Character.[/li]
[li]Unlock Artworks (debloc all play boy and wanted).[/li][/ul][/li][/li]
[li]New option Weather.[ul]
[li]add multi choice in winter.[/li]
[li]manual or auto. (auto weather changing after 5 minutes).[/li][/ul][/li][/li]
[li]New option Car.[ul]
[li]Select Radio 40's or 50's.[/li]
[li]Open & close windows.[/li]
[li]Refuel the car.[/li]
[li]Resistance +50% or +100% (100% light and glass unbreakable).[/li]
[li]First person driving.[/li][/ul][/li][/li]
[li]Tram transport simulation.[/li]
[li]New loading for hillwood & Subway Kingston.[/li]
[li]Bug police Hillwood & Subway Kingston OK.[/li]
[li]E-Key doors for.[ul]
[li]Subway Kingston.[/li]
[li]Construction site.[/li]
[li]Bruno's office.[/li]
[align=center:1g80wqyi]Free-Ride & Menu for Joe's adventures  v1.5 (02-03-2011)[/align:1g80wqyi]
[li]Start game with 500.00$ and no car.[/li]
[li]New option in home Add Money.[/li]
[li]New option for garage. chose car repair & cleaning.[/li]
[li]Fix bug drag body.[/li]
[li]Fix bug Bus Stop Kingston 2.[/li]
[li]New Subway Station icon by Pixelation (Multi 8 ).[ul]
[li][ADDED]Dipton Railway Station icon.[/li]
[li][ADDED]Credits "Mafia II" icon.[/li]
[li][ADDED]Lincoln Park icon.[/li]
[li][CHANGED]Bruno's office to "$" icon.[/li][/ul][/li][/li][/ul]
[align=center:1g80wqyi]Free-Ride & Menu for Joe's adventures  v1.4 (01-24-2011)[/align:1g80wqyi]
[li]New Intro.[/li]
[li]Bus transport simulation.[/li][/ul]
[align=center:1g80wqyi]Free-Ride & Menu for Joe's adventures  v1.3 (01-22-2011)[/align:1g80wqyi]
[li]Chose your Home.[/li]
[li]Option & Save Game for the 4 apartments.[/li]
[li]Automatic Acces Villa hillwood.[/li]
[li]Automatic Acces Subway Kingston.[/li]
[li]Automatic Acces Construction site.[/li]
[li]Automatic Acces Bruno's office.[/li]
[li]Automatic Acces Forge.[/li]
[li]Icones Map.[/li][/ul]
[align=center:1g80wqyi]Free-Ride & Menu for Joe's adventures  v1.2 (12-23-2010)[/align:1g80wqyi]
[li]Automatic Acces yacht club[/li]
[li]Automatic Acces observatory[/li]
[li]Bug Weather in Summer & 1 minute time delays Weather changing & night 5 minutes[/li]
[li]Weather Winter changing after 5 minutes[/li]
[li]Tuning selection when you exit the garage[/li]
[li]repair self when you enter a vehicle[/li]
[li]One Gun[/li][/ul]
[align=center:1g80wqyi]Free-Ride & Menu for Joe's adventures  v1.1 (12-21-2010)[/align:1g80wqyi]
[li]Automatic access Cathouse[/li][/ul]
Fantastic work eXistenZ34, I really look forward to checking out v2.0! :cheer:
Looks awesome ! [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smiley.gif[/img]
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For v2.0, I still have some problems with the function: \"follow me\", \"wait\".

But i found enemy for FR JA

[Image: 6i76o9.jpg]

[Image: 2nv5v68.jpg]
oh wow!
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Very nice looking eXistenZ34, but what does the enemy spawning do in the pics? Are the enemy\'s your spawning meant to be from the Vinci Mansion? Or are you creating new levels within FR JA 2.0?Also, again no pressure or anything at all like that, but as something on my wishlist for FR JA I would love to see working taxi, you already did AN AMAZING job with the trains and the bus stops, but I personally would love functioning Taxi\'s like the vid below..., no pressure, but it is something that I really would love to see in your fantastic mods. [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smiley.gif[/img]
where to download version 2.0? I page is not working Sad
where to download version 2.0? I page is not working Sad
It is not released yet sadly, but eXistenZ34 is still working hard on it, he is currently doing both FR 3.0 and FR JA 2.0 and both look insane so far! If you want to see all the latest, please browse through all pages on our homepage we post everything that everyone does on our home pages.But if you want v1.9 wich is a fantastic FR and the best FR ever made in my opinion you can download here...FR JA v1.9 : ... enz34.html
I mean thank you very much for the information [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/wink.gif[/img]
No problem at all, we do everything we can to bring back Mafia modding and most of all the Mafia community.
I can not wait for the release version FR-JA v2.0 :woohoo:
eXistenZ34, I think I know why many people like me can\'t enter the M-Hotel or the Printery or the Test Scene, I think with the latest patch of Joe\'s Adventure\'s, 2K removed those files, if you can, can you please, please upload those files so we can install them in the game again? Because atm there is no hotel file there is no printery file and there is no test scene file.We all would greatly appreciate it if you can do that for us, and as always thanks for all the hard work you do on Mafia II.
give me by private message the image of the contents of different folder in \"sds\" of DLC JA, with release date.PS: Since Sunday, I use again proxy for connecting.
I sent you the PM with a photo of the JA directory on the latest patch on Steam.PM Joshua the Admin on this site, or I can notify him if you like.
Mike Bruski I sent you 2 new PM.

Here are some new of FR JA v2.0
mafia2 2011-08-23_21-07-28.wmv

PS: Connection OK on the site.
Fantastic looking eXistenZ34, that is a pro way to install your mod. [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smiley.gif[/img]Is there also a back-up feature?
Yes 2 back-up- one for use Cathouse with chapter load (menu always unlocked ok).- Another, to cancel all modification.
FR-JA v2.0 already released? [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smiley.gif[/img]
Sounds fantastic, eXistenZ34. [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smiley.gif[/img] btw I sent you 2 PM\'s as well.

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