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Free Ride for DLC Joe's Adventures v2.0
Best-Best Freeride! But eXistenZ34 SUPERMARKET in FR JA 3.0 BUT WILL THE SUPERMARKET IN FREERIDE JA 3.0? AND MORE CHARACTERS FOR CHANGING including the form of cleaner hotel empirical arms for joe?
Kirill_Fan for have more Skin, use the file of Zahar999 "Mafia 2 SUPER MOD"
because if FR M2 has a limit size of 19ko, for FR JA it's 16ko.

SUPERMARKET : will be my goal for FR JA v4.0 and use the original file's "Cathouse".
this will be yet a new script, useful for JA v4.0 as for M2 v4.0.

FR JA v4.0
- Supermarket.
- Original file's "Cathouse".
- Multi Scripts ??? ?.

FR M2 v4.0
- Full empire Arms Hotel.
- Full Observatory.
- Multi Scripts.

[color=#0044ff]but I must first finish FR M2 v3.0./color]

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