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Free Ride for DLC Joe's Adventures v2.0
I sent you a PM eXistenZ34 with the JA Universe file in a link.
Mike Bruski

it's good, it's the same file.
I'll do a setup for Printery tomorrow, and I will send for testing by Mp.
if it's ok, I would do the same thing for the Hotel & Test scene.
and after I would make a topic for the 3 setup.
Sounds fantastic eXistenZ34. Smile

I look forward to testing your MP too, sounds fun.  ;D

I look forward to tomorrow and I can finally enter the M-Hotel the Printery and the Test Scene after 6 months of waiting.  ;D
Good job existenz. Wink

I wasn't even aware 2K removed the printery and Hotel.

My game version is still
Indeed Tommy, 2K as well as sending the patch out that added the songs and the original Joe coat, they thought they would remove the Hotel / Printery etc along with the update.
Hi at all,

A problem was identified on v2.0  Sad , "I can't go into any gun shop!"

edit: This problem is related to the activation of Tony

- Summer --> Tony is activated == Gun shop is Bad, just Harry is Ok
- Winter    --> Tony don't exist  == Gun shop is Good

there may be no solution.
Oh, that's no big deal really, the best place to get your weapons from is Harry's and Guiseppe's.

Btw, how did the 100mb file upload? Is it ready for download?
Sorry but my mind is on the problem of Gun Shop.
Oh, okay, I hope it's not a pain to fix, I wish you the best on it.  Smile

Whenever you can though upload that file, please do post the link here, because everyone such as myself with the Steam version got there content removed and cannot experience the full greatness FR JA v2.0.  Sad
in 10 or 15 minutes i send by Mp printery file for test
Oh, AWESOME!!!  :o ;D

I look forward to checking it out.  Smile
Mp send
I sent you a PM with my report. Smile
Hotel it's 42Mo 30 to 40 minute for upload & i send you the link by Mp for test2
I sent you a PM. Smile
I can be the solution for Gun Shop  8)
Awesome, weird though how a bodyguard would affect the gun shops across Empire Bay, probably an error by 2K in the code concerning bodyguards.
I might be worng on this because i still haven't downloaded 2.0. so existenz please correct me.

It's not the bodyguard that is causing the issue, its the StreamMap he is using.

In that StreamMap the shops are probably disabled.
+1 Tommy Mafioso

Yes because for actived Tony i use a StreamMapLine.

in DLC when you were with Tony, it's a mission and  you can not stroll into town.
and 2K has not activated Gun Shop.

Player (Vito or Joe) must be in a Gun shop before activating Tony.
Now you do not notice it when you please choose your home or actived Tram Station or actived Hillwood villa.
Yea man i am having some issues with my script to.

Can't get the damn police to spawn with the StreamMap i am using.

We need to find a way to spawn entities without switching StreamMaps.

I found this list of commands from s0beit on pastebin but i am not a LUA expert.

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