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New info Free Ride for Mafia II v4.0 (abandoned )
How's the progres at the mod?
Looks very interesting. Where I can download it? If it is not finished, then older versions. I can't find any Mafia 2 FR mods, where i can save game. :/
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may i ask when doesit come? im waiting fot it Smile
It launch all ready, follow the link and the procedure to install it: Smile
crazypreacher:3omh4g4p Wrote:It launch all ready, follow the link and the procedure to install it: Smile

I thought Freeride Mafia II and Joe's adventures were different projects...
Sorry, My mistake
so any body knows when does it come?
When is the release?
Unfortunately, I board not much time for M2 at this moment.
and the little time I have, I spend on FR JA.
any part or you are in the hotel it is not script FR M2, this is not the original script of the game
and of course you can play the game without problem.


In this video I have made the animation of the pianist, the wife and the man at the bar, as you can see there is still much to do.

and I will do it also for the Chinese restaurant (opium smoking, labo)

and after Port, seagift, arcade, forge, distillerie, éric, Observatoire (Full avec le Dôme déjà vérifier)...
tout cela reste a vérifier

PS: I recontacted zahar
Test barman animation + Alberto joke
thank's zahar999 for info on alberto.
test animation & reaction
That is some nice stuff you did there eXistenZ34!
Very well done existenz Smile
I hope it will be ready soon Wink
Some people found the cut "Scaletta Pizzeria" Here:

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