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New info Free Ride for Mafia II v4.0 (abandoned )

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skvorets20" post=2794":30zihgpp Wrote:eXistenZ34

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I realized FR JA in multi 6
why FR M2 would not Multi 6 also.
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eXistenZ34 ,i saw some videos of your mafia 2 free ride mod and i really like it but i don't have JA DLC...i just want to ask if you have any free ride mod for the normal mafia 2 steam version.sorry if this isn't the right topic for asking...

Yes, you are in the right topic.
Free Ride Mafia II == FR M2 ... tive-table

But as the title suggests, it's still in project & it is not yet completed.
thanks for the answer.i really hope you will finish the v3.0 mod and good luck with all your projects!can you tell us how much percent is the mod finished 30%/50%/65%...?
When will you finish the mod?don't hurry better make it big and slow than quick and small
[size=5:2c05ubzq]Some new of FR M2 v3.0 : Option Save[/size]
[size=3:2c05ubzq]you could do 4 different saves. without any Problem.[/size]

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I like that very much, it is a good idea actually, being able to create multiple saves, I fancy that quite alot, brilliant work as always eXistenZ34, I really CANNOT wait to play FR M2 v3.0!
There are a lot of ideas in this topic, but I want to know on whose FR your FR bases?
All I watch is in FR M2 v3.0.
it is writing my script step by step.
Big and difficult, but I'm sure, good work Wink
i think i asked this before but: will this mod be compatible with the normal steam version or i should use your nocd crack?
[size=5:1kt80w99]Some new of FR M2 v3.0 : Distillery[/size]
[size=3:1kt80w99]Activation FR M2[/size]
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Quote:i think i asked this before but: will this mod be compatible with the normal steam version or i should use your nocd crack?
I do not know.
But can you use the FR of Zahar or Costa because it is the same thing.
at zahar I can't save and at costa's i can't see the trees after load(i know his problem...)
i think that the best FR mods are yours
P.S.:is there a costa's v2.2 or greater?i have just v2.1 and no new locations...
Costa has made only v2, the .1 is me. B)

it was just to see if it would work without a NoCD
hope it works
P.S.Confusedorry i tooth it was his...
[size=5:1d0zqabs]Some new of FR M2 v3.0 : Real door openings, E-Key already present in the game.[/size]
[size=3:1d0zqabs]Activation FR M2[/size]
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nice...and the teleportation(i hope i'm not the only guy who doesn't know)how can you do that?

+1for your great mods
Incredible, incredible work eXistenZ34, that is something i've wanted to see in the game for a while, is no damn black fade at doors, well done.

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