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New info Free Ride for Mafia II v4.0 (abandoned )
If only I could get it to work, no luck so far.
Thanks for all your help but I have tried everything you suggested and no luck. I did install them all correctly, just something about my set up that is not letting it work.
Hello  eXistenZ34!

I'm new on this formu and I have suggestion for your upcoming mod FR JA 3.0. Is it possible to somehow unlock the 18th floor of Empire arms hotel. (there was a mission room service in that hotel) and a Vinci mansion. I know that mansion is already unlocked but only in normal free ride. It would be nice to have it unlocked in JA.

It's just a suggestion and let me know what you think about this.

Regards, Alex
Sorry, but this link you posted me does't work.
Does that script mean that the 3.0 is done?
I am getting a blank page with the word "expired" when I try to download Sad
Where can I get this? I can't find it :\
lightingft" post=2007":2autz25n Wrote:Where can I get this? I can't find it :\
It hasn't been released yet.
Thanks, I will try it out now.
Thanks for this.
Yes, you're probably right. I would have loved to do that "Going Out of Business" JA mission in the story mode especially. Most of the JA and maybe even some of the BoJ/JV missions were once meant to be sidemissions of the main story.
[size=5:3qutocmj]Some new of FR M2 v3.0 : Villa Leo Galante[/size]
[size=3:3qutocmj]Activation FR M2[/size]

View the front page
If you look closely, they are also present before.

The icons are not final, but it's Bodyguard Joe and Henry.
For final icone it will be like tony in FR JA.

why they disappear and reappear, because when you load the villa "StreamMapLine" they are disabled, so they must be reactivate.
by consequence if they accompany you they respawn next to you.
[size=5:1itmkapc]Some new of FR M2 v3.0 : Villa Vinci Mansion[/size]
[size=3:1itmkapc]Activation FR M2[/size]

View the front page
Incredible work thus far eXistenZ34, I love to see your FR M2 v3.0 updates.
Yes, thank you. Your v2 changed the game for me and made it great and I am looking forward to your v3.
I agree with teisco.

eXistenZ34, how are things thus far with the car dealer? Have you gotten it where you can buy a car and exit the dealer with it? I would love to know your latest on that, it looked mental when you showed updates a month or 2 ago.
There, I work on Distillery and Miseriy Laine, and it's hot :blink: Confusedilly: Huh :unsure: :angry: :S :p inch: Confusedide: :woohoo:

I spent all afternoon on it, Two different activation at manage, deactivate all the enemies to visit the distillery and complete control of the lift:
E-Key Control for
- Call the lift
- Take the lift
- Go to the 1st floor
- Go to the 2nd Floor
- Go to the 3rd floor
- Go to the 4th floor

and I have not yet done so to test for Joe and Henry and only tested for Summer.

Remains to be done:
- Prison
- Observatory
- Office Price
- Chinese restaurant
- Old Cathouse
- Arcade
- River Side Apart
- Empire Arms Hotel
- Diamond Motors
Gets better and better, thanks,
yes it looks fantastic i really gave up on this game untill i see this mod Tongue

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