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New info Free Ride for Mafia II v4.0 (abandoned )
Hey existenzI tried to add this string and it keeps on failing to load.
if game.gui:GetQuestionScreenAnswer()==then if >= 160000
Anyways here is a test version of Diamond Motors implemented into my script.
Looks like the tests are going real well so far, keep up the fantastic work guys. [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smiley.gif[/img]
Test 2
Looks insane! :cheer: I really look forward to checking it for myself when FR 3.0 releases! [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smiley.gif[/img]My wishful thoughts for the car dealer...Is it possible to make it when you enter the Car Dealer you see the real city around the dealer, instead of the fake city in the air? Is it also possible to make it where you can buy cars like the CarCyclopedia, where you see stats, you spin it around, then change colour, then buy it. I also did not like it that much that after you bought a vehicle the building went black and emptied out. I would also love to see the dealer interior from standing outside, I hate those damn gray fogged windows of where cut content belonged.
wow! that looks so freaking awesome! Thanks for all the hard work guys. Keep it up [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smiley.gif[/img]
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The progresse made already is unbelievable :woohoo: The fact that we can now enter diamond motors is very exciting but again I will say some of the things Mike said before. The car customization before buying,the black out after the purchase and the windows from both sides. I am completely unaware of the moding process but I guess there must be some grey textures inside the files that cover the windows...if we could replace them with something transparent.( But i fear motors are in a different cell and not instantly connected to the city [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/sad.gif[/img] )
Car customization can be added.As far as the \"black out\", windows shifting and the sky being messed up that is all due to the method we are using to spawn entities. At the moment the only way we have to spawn entities is by switching StreamMaps. When you go to Diamond Motors in order to load the interior we have to use the carcyclopedia StreamMap but then in order to spawn the vehicle you purchase we have to switch to another streamMap. Unfortunately this disables some assets from the Diamond Motors interior. The the only way around it so you don\'t see the switch is to utilize a fade in/out after purchase and immediately spawn you outside the dealership.Switching SteamMaps is really not a solution, it will somewhat work for a mission based script but not for a seamless free ride.
you guys ever heared of the first scaletta house in sand island? why not tryin to figure that shit out and if you reply the intro youll notice the house is in sand island across form lone star maybe thats where Antonio scaletta went anyways so the scaletta moved out not renovated. just a lil tip cause not many peeps notice that it a cut safehouse
Is it possible to have a repair shop/garage at the dealership at one of the bays? I noticed a garage door opening mod with the players garage in them and it just made me want a dealership garage.
I hope this is still being worked on. I would really like to use Metro Motors and even drive the bus for once.
I like it a lot already!Good Job Guys.Keep up the good work!
I have a question about the Vinci Mansion.
Will you make it accessable in the next update?
Like Leons Mansion. Or as a savehouse with a garage maybe?
It has been quite some time since we heard from existenz. Does anybody know how things are going with his Mafia II freeride?
Thank you Cole.
But i can`t get cars from the Garage at Leos Mansion. Wink

I copy the Files but the gate at Vincis Mansion is still closed. I play in Summer. Must i do more than copy files? :/
It would be nice to use leo`s mansion as a base.And open up the OPA building.
Cole Phelps:2cbxrpau Wrote:
Brachial:2cbxrpau Wrote:Thank you Cole.
But i can`t get cars from the Garage at Leos Mansion. Wink

I copy the Files but the gate at Vincis Mansion is still closed. I play in Summer. Must i do more than copy files? :/

Press 'e' on your keyboard when you will see 'e' key with text: Vinci Mansion. Then pop-up appears asking you to choose that mansion should have enemies or not. Then screen goes dark and then back to game - from now the gate is opened (but sometimes textures of the streets disappear when you return to town)

You can't take cars from Leo's garage - maybe eXistenz will make it in his new FR.

I can`t get it.

Can you show me a screen where you exactly stand, to get the "press e" pop-up?
I wish there was a guied to Costas FR 2.2 because I had no idea all that could be opened. How can you get into the Observatory? The only way I found was in the back and it went into a cut scene first where I had to fight my way in, is there better way to get in?
Strange, which Version do you use, Cole?
I use Version 2.0.

I don`t get the Vinci Pop-up.

And i don`t get the Galante Mansion Pop-up.
I only can go to the gates and kick or pull it open.
That works for Leos, but not for Vinci.
I have 2.2, this one is an addon to the dlc folders. Really would like to know about more what it does.
:O Looks so great! Can't wait!

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