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Mafia II\'s One Year Anniversary! Let\'s Reflect This Day, As All The Lies 2K Told
Exactly one year ago I remember playing the game for the first time ( after being patient for more than 2 years). I started playing at around 7-8 pm and shut down the pc at 4 am the next morning Sad [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/sad.gif[/img]
I agree Mafioso, I was unbelievably let down. I\'ve wanted a sequel to Mafia I for almost 10 years before it released, there was no other game I love more than Mafia I, and when Mafia II rolled around and I played it. I will say that I never actually had a feeling in a game before, where I felt the story was cut. I would not be as disappointed, if 2K released Mafia II with everything the advertized, but 60-70% of everything they showed us, was a lie, and they cheated us out, I was more than un-happy after finishing Mafia II, I never felt such a slap in the face before, I was REALLY let down.
Let me present some of the facts I learnt of Mafia 2 development over the last months. First of all I want to tell you that what you haven\'t seen in the last version of Mafia ][ weren\'t lies. It is silly to assume they created in-game things only to take pictures. There were many mishaps during the development including a problem with the game machine so they had to import the game on a different one.After that, the lack of money and time ( I suspect a kind of pressure from the publishing company too )resulted in a half game because there were many bugs and malfunctions. That is explained by Daniel Vavra\'s resignation back in 2009. Obviously he couldn\'t bear seeing his efforts being dumped.I collected some images I found over the internet ( most of them from Mafia 2 official forums). I will give the links because I don\'t own the images... There is one particular image which shows a real piece of paper, it contains the quotes from a mission in sicily( many mission there were cut out) ... ens_12.jpg ... scr-01.jpg ... scr-02.jpg ... scr-03.jpg ... ission.jpg ... /game1.jpg ... Mafia2.jpg ... en_022.jpg ... -05-14.jpg ... -Salon.png ... 2_0128.jpg
Sad that the game had so many features missing. In my opinion, Mafia I is still one of the best games ever made. I had high hopes for Mafia II. In some sense, it met my expectations when it came to graphics. It was a big let down in areas such as Free Ride. Thank goodness we have a good community of modders who can help us get the best out of Mafia II.
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Real nice round up Mafioso. Smile If we get an import/export tool for Mafia II, I will try and re-create the ORIGINAL Delizia, and bring it back to Mafia II where it belongs! The Delizia does not belong in a flogged off DLC! The Delizia in JA was destroyed, they took my favourite car, and ruined it.[img width=512][/img]
I so agree with you all.After following news each day, seeing many pictures and trailers I was sure that Mafia II would be the game of the year and an equal follower of my favourite game Mafia I.The demo was told to be very unfinished, which calmed my scepticism. After I had finished the mission in the distillery (being trapped by the police on the bridge) I really wondered how it would continue (-> they just cut it).Although there were first signs in gaming magazines that the game wasn\'t as good as it seemed, I was obsessed of getting to play it. But actually playing the few monotone missions, realising they had cut lots of stuff made me really feel quite sad.The gameplaytrailers partly showed the kind of non-stopping excitement and suspense that Mafia I had, the great transitions and story.I really looked out for the guy who gets an electric shock, because Vito turns on the light, while he repairs the electrics. Many more tiny details that I can\'t recall didn\'t appear. But I though the great modding community would \"repair\" the game. As we now all know this is just possible white great difficulties and only very limited. At least FreeRide is back.The DLC\'s are the worst part. I even would have paid twice as much, but for a complete and finished game. In my opinion they can\'t bring back anything that\'s missing. In addition if you buy, let\'s say a car, you wont just end up getting the tires and a door and be forced to buy the rest in \"DLC\'s\". That\'s why I took part in a few petitions, but never though they will change anything.I actually bought a steering-wheel for Mafia II, because they had announced to support them. They also mentioned that the player could fly out of the car window in a crash... and there\'s plenty more.The sad thing is that so much is there, somewhere stuck in the files, but we\'ll probably not be able to play it.
I agree, Calzone.Speaking of hidden items that we have not found yet, did you know this...In the FMV\'s folder of the Mafia II SDS, there is a FMV of the mission Balls&Beans and in the SDS there is a Taxi, and not just a Taxi, it is a full taxi, with a mile meter, and HD seats in the file, inside that file is the Taxi you see in the video on the way to Joe\'s when you get out of prison, that shows that in the original, you were supposed to take a Taxi and follow Luca to the slaughter house, instead of driving a car behind him.
Do you think we could get this taxi to work? If we could also make the commands like hail taxi to work there would be a possibility to restore the taxi transportation. But all these are just speculations :dry: [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/sad.gif[/img]
Well I am sure if the actual files are in the mission Balls&Beans then there has to be script inside just sitting there, and over-run by another script. I am sure as modders progress in Mafia II they will definitely crack that file and make Taxi\'s work. I can if you like later on, post some pics of the actual textures in the file. I can take em\' tomorrow around this time if it is okay.
I think one of the gaming companies should do a remake of mafia 2
This is impossible due to copyrights. Even Daniel Vavra who now owns his gaming studios has no rights to develop a Mafia series sequel, at least not with this title. Anyway that is not a problem, there are many good titles that can be used for a Mafia lore game [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/wink.gif[/img]
I cannot and will not ever forgive 2K for what they did to me. Did to all of us.I waited the full 8 years for this game and they lied and cheated me, and us all. Right to the very end.You gotta give \'em credit of being great advertisers. They managed to continue to spin the wool over all of our eyes right until the games release.Regardless of whatever modders accomplish with Mafia II. Not amount of modding will ever EVER fix what SHOULD of been a fantastic successor to the original. Everytime I play (which is hardly ever. I only play Buzzsaw and Room Service chapters to remind myself of the hype) I can see the remains of greatness that was left behind after they finished with their chopping board. After 8 years in the making, this was the absolute LAST! thing that should of befell this game. They should have left it alone. It never deserved to be cut.I took it hard, and I still do. I will never respect Mafia II for what it is. Only for what it could, and should have been.Hence why I stick purely to Mafia 1 forum boards and mods. Because if I ever EVER get let loose on Mafia II forums I can never stop my anger, RAGE! and frustration (As some may recall, I did this for ages on the original Mafia Scene and it very nearly got me banned Big Grin If Illusion hadn\'t of gotten greedy and dicked around with making Mafia II multiplatform from the get go and ran out of money then none of this would of happend. If they had made Mafia II for PC first and consoles later (as they did with 1) then we would of had...(1)- Mafia II early (around 2004/05)(2) - It would of had all its content.Once again regards*Ruby*
Well Ruby you spoke volumes . Expessing your anger, our anger is natural. I realised that a game of the 2002 engine generation with poor graphics and possibilities made a huge success and a game of 2010 with a big and very developed engine ( it could have been better though ) managed to fail delivering the experience and feelings we lived by playing Mafia I. We all had plans for this game. Every interview with the game developers was just another dose of drug to me. When I first searched for trailers and pictures I said to my self \" this game is gonna become a best-seller, game of the year and a great sequel to the previous Mafia\". At last it turned out to be an utter failure , worth a few euros. But Ruby and everyone else you know what, the game has lost its glory but not the spirit. I am not going to say roam in the city carefully and slowly to appreciate the work implemented on it but take your time to realise the overall work . Of course you cannot keep doing this for ever and if there wasn\'t any FR I would have probably forgot the game already.Lastly let\'s stick to what is coming NOW: an FR, a JA FR ( credits to Existenz34) and a game development studio of Daniel which I hope will not disappoint us. Hence I think we don\'t have to abandon Mafia II community while we are trying to bring back something lost ( 2K eggheads will always be morrons- just look at the other games they are publishing).I once made a list of things I want to see in a Mafia sequel ( obviously these are the things I was expecting in Mafia II but... anyway). I also sent an email to Daniel containing this list and his reply was something more than an approval but unfortunately back in 2009 he was bound to 2K Tongue )13. Simple side missions, nothing bright, just the opportunity to raise money14. Lots of shops and public spaces with uniqueness , not just duplicates15. More people models ( if it is to go to jail again I won\'t manage to stay calm watching only two guards witht their twin brothers)16. A smart NPC AI ( smart driving, pollite behaviour and no more of that \" you are in my personal space\" crap)17. at last I want an expensive but good game and an honest attitude from those who promote the game. It\'s not only to make people interested in the game but also prove them that you are saying the truth and you don\'t just need them because of the profit.
When I think about all features that those bastards from 2K cut, I'm pissed. For example, melee weapons, hidden missions and undoubtedly many more. If I were D. Vavra, I'd do the same - leave 2K.
Yeah, the 2K are bastards, seriously... Cutting up the game is the worst idea ever. Hopefully there are mods which make the game a little better, just A BIT close to what it could've been.
What a pity, that's unable to play with melee weapons  :-\
Trolling gamers for the money - that's what I felt when I managed to finish the Bomb Under the Seat mission. 'Tis no doubt that 2K's way worse than the mob they depicted in the series.

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