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M2-Multiplayer Main Menu!
I like the idea of a Mafia Multiplayer but I want to see it released by the developing company.The guys who put this through are fantastic but to be honest the footage I have seen until now is not very promising. Of course I understand it will be a beta version with potential to improve further but let us not be so naive !! I am sorry to say so but the multiplayer release does not make me excited [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/sad.gif[/img]
This MP is not the one that has been paraded, this is by a underdog, someone whom has been working quietly on it, it will be a september beta too, checkout there forums and wiki or mainsite, it is a REAL MP instead of like what you see on the big promoted one where it looks fake, this looks like a real MP.
Yeah I know there are different multiplayer developments but all look almost the same. Anyway I entirely agree with you Mike , this multiplayer has better sync and you can compare it to the other looking at how the other players move in front of you. I won\'t say anything else until this one comes out and we all try it. B)
I agree entirely, I really hope they can achieve there goal of a public beta test this month. :cheer:
This looks extremely promising! I hope they can pull it off. We will see when the beta is open.
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If I'm not quite mistaken there aren't any great changes of the content in the menu, just a redesign (in my opinion no great improvement).
M2MP looks quite promising. They are making it completely free and are ahead of ModMyWhat in the developing process. Cars, pedestrians, buildings and weaponsync seem to work already - I'm not sure about NPCs like police. The player limit is currently at 34, but might be increased again.
I wonder if eXistenZ34 and other modders will modify to the multiplayer and make different games.
Can't await the beta being released  [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/wink.gif[/img] .

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