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Other 2 New army dress for Vito
I\'ve made 2 other dress for vito But i was not able to take a screenshot O___ocan someone take 2 pics so i can do a complete Upload for the MS site!?Blue dress gala uniform for a Sgt of Army air force , model 1938 (used until the 1950s) officer dress uniform, more or less similar to the chocolate /dark olive drab uniform but made of light cotton and in kakhi color. you allPS: the mod work one x time , i mean or you use the first or the second skin, you\'ll never use both at same time.GS
Hey James. [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smiley.gif[/img]I am glad everything is fantastic, btw to take pics you can use this fun tool...FXAA Mod : ... -dude.htmlJust download that, install the contents of the download to the directory of where the .exe of Mafia II and when you load Mafia II you can press \" Insert / Key \" to turn on and off AA and the AA is real AA not a single pixel in the scene, plus to take a snapshot just press \" Delete / Key \" and it will take a snapshot and save it to the game directory.
I got some screenshots i will post them as soon is possible!

EDIT: [Image: 14jrtjq.jpg]
Both are now in our download section thank-you for the link
Does anyone have a working link for these files?

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