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Modern cars Mods - request
I wonder why there is no moded cars in Mafia 2 yet like the ones where in Mafia 1 ?

what is the problem , or what makes it difficult to mod real life cars or ( modern cars I mean ) ?

Is there any way to Export/Import Cars Models from Mafia 2 ?

It would be amazing to see modern cars with the graphics and textures of Mafia 2 as it is more realistic than in 1
Cuz 2K are good at locking files and all moders can do now is changing colors on skins . Someone was saying that when M3 came out , 2K gonna give moders Tool with which they can make better mods ...
2K does not want to provide SDK (Software Development Kit) to modify his game.

Also we can not add anything in the game, and it is also very difficult to modier the file.
Oh , I see ..... Sad :S
It would be awesome because of the great handling,effects and simulation of driving , hope they can reveal some tools that help moding in the future , and hope M3 to include M1&M2 realistic features

thanks for reply Smile

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