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The Titanic Mod By Mr.Robville
[align=center:ca3v1sgv]The Titanic Mod - Finished Exterior
The Titanic Mod for Mafia I has been in development since around Mafia II's announcment in Aug' 07, it counts for now almost a 4 year production and the projected release date makes it a mod that is worth 5 years of building!
Mr.Robville has worked extremely hard on what looks simply incredible, The Titanic Mod has taken longer to make, than probably the entire Mafia I game. Just watching the video above, just shows his true love for the Titanic.
We cannot wait to climb aboard this unbelievable beauty in April 14th 2012. We wish you Mr.Robville the absolute best, and thank you so much for your extreme work of love.[/align:ca3v1sgv]
wow the detail he put into this is just amazing!
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It's unbelievable how much detail has been put in this mod. I am not an expert in Titanic's history ( rather than it sunk around 1917 [?] ) but it really looks like the movie with Leonardo Di Caprio. It's also extraordinary that it took 4 years to create and it still goes on. I am looking forward to playing the mod Smile
I agree with you both, amazing to see someone still working on something for almost 5 years, it shows true love for the build.

Btw, I think 2K Czech put the Titanic in Mafia II on purpose because of this mod, I honestly think it is a sort of tribute to Mr. Robville, I may be wrong, but it just seems quite funny how the Titanic is in the 50's.
I'm very honored to see articles like this written on websites. and I'm very glad you like the mod!
At this very moment I'm placing all 3d objects ingame, that does take some time since it's around 1Million Polygons.
yes i repeat, one million polygons, Don't worry, smaller objects dissapear when you move the player away from them, so your CPU won't explode.

to get the background you see in the video on high quality, here it is:
[Image: TitanicModWP.jpg]
also in black and white:
[Image: TitanicModWPBW.jpg]
[Image: TitanicModWPBW2.jpg]

BTW, very nice website! I think I'll continue posting updates of the mod here. (Old MS is 99% of the time offline)
does anyone know if ASM is also registred on this website? i need some help with the collission data.
Welcome Mr. Robville.  Smile

Lovely photo's Mr. Robville, always nice to see photo's of your work.

Thanks Mr. Robville we would love to see you post updates on this site. Indeed, MafiaScene.Com failed to keep the site up all year around, wich is what actually killed the modding community and pretty much took Mafia II modding and self-imploded upon itself, but thanks to Joshua for creating this site wich was just-in-time to salvage what was left of Mafia I & Mafia II mods, we did everything we can to bring people back to the game they love best.

as a small sneak peak of what's placed ingame:
[Image: game2011-09-1919-12-42-15.jpg]

current framerate:
60+ FPS

the sea is animated, only the ship's wakes need to be added but for some reason the game keeps crashing when inserting the animated textured model.

half of the objects are inserted now, so 60+ FPS at 500.000 polygons is good news.
tested with:
CPU - Intel I7 2.8 GHZ quad core with hyperthread (M1 does not support multicore rendering, so only the 2.8GHZ matters)
GPU - AMD Radeon HD 5700 1GB
RAM - 8GB  DDR3 (only 3 is neccesairy i think, depending on your system)
Windows 7 64Bit

The lighting is kinda plain at the moment, that's because only 2 lights are added, there will be more added later on. this has low priority.
Welcome Mr. Robville. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos and giving us updates on your beautiful mod.

I'm not sure if ASM is on the site but I'll look into it for ya. We could possibly fond him and let um know about the site. Slowly but surely a bunch o old Mafia Scene members are fi ding their way here. Hopefully we can get modding back on track for the Mafia games.
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Are the wires on the ship volumetric, as in 3D?
All rigging cables are modelled in 3D.
Hey guys,
Firstly, Mr Robville, I would like to say that this mod looks fantastic and I'm looking forward to it Big Grin
Secondly, does anyone know of a rough download size of this mod for when it comes out?


Yes, you're right - that mod is fantastic. It will come out in 14th of April 2012 (100th sinking anniversary).
Thanks for the information Cole Smile
Np at all. BTW, have you read my tutorials in 'Mod Help' Section ?
Nope, I will check them out now Smile

Edit: Just checked it out and as my mod installations don't work anymore, I decided to use your bit on Xtractor,say i wanted to install a car, what folders do I need to extract? I have forgotten most of everything lol
I'm affraid that I have to announce that the April 14th deadline cannot be made, last few months gave me very little time to work on the mod if not at all. It's this week since the last update where I can actually continue on making good progres.

Download size will be between 1 to 2 GB at least that's what I'm aiming for.
Thanks for the info Mr Robville Smile
johncena1:3p6ax4jv Wrote:say i wanted to install a car, what folders do I need to extract? I have forgotten most of everything lol

Download MDEx and open it. Then extract the following folders - MAPS and MODELS. Into MAPS folder you put BMP files and into MODELS folder you put your 4DS files. You just need to copy these files into these directories.
Thanks, Smile
In fact, opening the Data Xtractor for the first time alone does the job aswell.
it will patch the RWdata.dll file.

after that, just install the renault or copy it's contents into the mafia root folder manually.

the game will run very slow if all textures are extracted, the game will need to calculate each individual texture instead of an entire datapack.

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