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W.I.P. - Delizia 410 Grand American - Completed
Thank you B1010, sadly since the start of this year I have been jammed up with alot of work, as soon as I get an open week, I am going to finish that conversion. Smile I REALLY want to conver the Delizia to the actual Mafia II game, but sadly only IV for me, but we do have it converted thankfull to 2 lovely members, Mr.Robville did the M1 conversion, and lpg_unit did a lovely conversion into GTA SA.
I hope to see this amazing Delizia in Mafia 2 someday! Smile

If it ever becomes possible to replace cars in the game it would be fun to see the fantasy cars replaced with their rule counterparts with higher resolution interiors!
I also would love to see the original 410 in mafia 2, I think you do great work and I hope to see this make it to m2!
Thank you man, very happy you think so. Smile

Due to Zmodeler 3 not being released, there is no actual way yet to import these vehicles into the game, we can only pull models out, I really hope we can see Zmod 3 released before the year ends, I'd really LOVE to bring the Delizia where it belonged, rather than the modded DLC version.
Hi, I love this car. Good work! It is so beautiful, but why is it so small? Big Grin

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