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W.I.P. - Delizia 410 Grand American - Completed
Better then I though, Mike Wink . Very good job! Wink Have you got any new release date?
wow it look awsome i can't wait to drive it
I appreciate the comments, concerning release date, if we had a Zmod2/3 filter for Mafia II, I could give a definite release date, but I guess the release date is anywhere in next month (February), until then I will update my pictures and work.
Let see i found Zmod 3, i hope it what your looking for: ... /354-zmod3
Thanks for the reply, but what I mean is Zmodeler2 and Zmodeler 3, the third Zmodeler is not out yet that I know of, and there is word of a potential Mafia II filter anytime soon.
i also found Zmod2.1.1
but to big for our download so let me set the link Smile ... 55-zmod211
Check it out, the interior is in the Delizia!

[Image: newrendershot182012inte.png]

Next up, I will setup the engine block, axels, trunk space, license plates, and including hinges, then done.
breath taking, awsome :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
WOW! :woohoo:
That adding engine and other things will be easy, or easier, will it? Can we expect Delizia this month? ;-)
I am thrilled everyone is loving the progress thus far. Smile

@MetalCat, Well adding the engine is not that hard at all, and it is HIGHLY possible to see it released by end of this month, but of course, I can have it done within 2 weeks I think, just you never know what will go on with Mafia I and the Zmodeler import system, I have asked a friend of mine about it since he knows Zmod up and down and I look forward to his reply and see if we can hook the Delizia in Mafia I and make it entirely drivable.
It's incredible, Mike. I really admire what you've done for modding scene.
Thank you Cole, I really appreciate your comment.
I will be posting new photo's tomorrow (sunday the 15th), I will show the engine and trunk space. Smile
sounds good Mike cant' wait
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85% Done! Body work is done, all that is left, is scripting it for the game engine.

[Image: newrendershot1152012eng.png]

I exported the Delizia model from Joe's Adventures, and used the engine pieces and trunk space and some chassis pieces are from the game, but what sucks is that there was no UV's included in the export, I had to redo all the texturing, I only started from bare meshes, but now it's all done (apart from the license plate), and I am now looking forward to seeing it into Mafia I and hopefully soon Mafia II.
WoW, it realy look awsome Mike, i can't wait to drive it :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:
it smells the end :cheer:
yes hopefully
ca sent la bagnole neuve, le cuir bien poli :lol: :lol: :lol:
Thanks everyone for sharing your comments on the progress of my work, thank you so very much for being supportive, I really wish we could bring cars into Mafia II, I really do, but I guess until then we could import into Mafia I.

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