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W.I.P. - Delizia 410 Grand American - Completed
I love it, it look great can't wait to drive it :lol:
nice progression, you hard work.

I'd better put me at work too :whistle:
Thanks guys, I am glad you all love it so far, it's real hard making that car, there is no blueprints, I use mainly advert photo's that 2k released as reference pics.
Mike, do you know how put your model into game. If you don't, I think, I know. If you need this info, write me. Wink
looking great Mike Smile
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Lots better that the original. Can't wait to drive it! B)
Thanks guys, I appreciate the comments, I am quite happy that I almost have the Delizia entirely done, Like myself and others thought, that the Delizia may never make it back to Mafia II, but I hope we can all change that.
Just one question - are you up to finish your car before Christmas ? :cheer:
Well, it is done as planned, just 2 things needed now, I need the Delizia 3D file from FR JA to install the interior and wheels, then import to Mafia I.
I think, that I know how change 3d models

I can be wrong, but I think, that:
1) You extract file with ExSDS
2) You work with extracted file, without changing name
3) You open sds file with SDS Tool Gui (for example delizia.sds) (to open press ">" )
4) Copy your file to the "extracted"
5) Open SDS tool again, find delizia.sds, and press "<"
If you need link for SDS Tool Gui, I'll give it.

Sorry for my bad english.
Do you mean to extract textures, or exporting the model?
he means extract textures in .dds file

delizia grandeamerica
[Image: 1bb50d165880810.jpg]

I found this, but it is not my domain ... Cj6_Dyy7sQ
If you can eXistenZ34, could you export the Delizia file from FR JA into a .3ds file and send me a link to download it? I could make great progress with that 3D file. And also the same wheels on the original Delizia.
I mean importing model in game.
May be I'm stupid, but, as I know, to import textures, changes in files people use sds tool gui. Why can't we import model in game using this way?
Well, not really possible I guess without the SDK tools or Zmodeler filters. Sad
Work is coming along great, I got the Normals and Dirt layers and the base specular map for the body panels, I've got pretty much exactly like what the game requires on the car in blender, got a few more things to add dirt on like the chrome etc, and the interior is still empty atm I am awaiting the use of the Delizia 3D model from the JA DLC because the interior is the exact from the original Delizia.
NEW PICS! I have spent quite awhile setting up normal maps, dirt layer maps, including base specular maps, and learning a few things here or there, and the photo's show from what I believe, is to how the car would look if it was imported into the game...

Delizia 410 Grand American W.I.P. Part IV 60% Done - updated date : Jan./6th/2012
[Image: newrendershot162012clea.png]
[Image: newrendershot162012clea.png]
(Dirty Delizia 410 Grand American )
[Image: newrendershot162012dirt.png]

Please tell me your thoughts, i've worked real hard on this project, I really want to bring the Delizia 410 back to where it belongs.

Btw, if you want to see the evolution of this project, go to page 1 of this thread.
it really takes shape. I am not familiar with use of 3D software.
But this type of file, you said something.

"import mafia2.blend"
Well, I didn't actually import any models from the game into blender just yet, I just took the textures from the Delizia_grandeamerica.sds file and created the wheels from scratch and textured them from the cars-universal.sds. Only time I need to import the Delizia from JA DLC is actually my next thing, because I need the interior 3D object, including the windscreen wipers and the license plate. I am not sure at all how to export the Delizia from the JA DLC but if you know, please do tell me.
How does everyone fancy the latest pictures from the Delizia?

Btw, I am planning on exporting the model from blender into Mafia I. Smile

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