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Site Feedback New download section: Tools
hello all,
i thought it would be very nice to have a new section added to the download page just for the modding tools.
i really miss the database the old MS once had.

plus i have quite a large collection of mafia tools that i can upload, such as the text editors, texture animation tool, MafiaCon 64 Bit version, capone, zmodeler 1.7b (seems no where to be found on the web anymore) ect. ect.
you got it Smile I have the category uploaded now
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If you need some Mafia 1 modding tools I have most of them
wrong cat
Sure, please do upload your tools to the Downloads section. We would love to have them, it would help so many modders out in need of good tools for Mafia I.
Can't find the 64bit version of Mafiacon. Someone could tell me where it is please? Thanks.

Edit: Nevermind eventually (after 2 days) found it.

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