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The Titanic Mod
i think it's about time to start this topic here, too bad that the original topic on is now probably lost in the darkness as MS seems to be gone.

that aside, let's talk some Titanic  ;D

For those who are not yet fammiliar with this mod,
Titanic mod is a mod for Mafia 1 (maybe Mafia II someday) that brings people at one of the most detailed and accurate free 3d recreation of Titanic ever made.
There is a story line involving the salieri gang;

Salieri's causin from Empire bay has bought a new Renault Towncar vehicle,
they are only for sale in Lost heaven so it's up to Salieri with his gang to deliver him the vehicle.
guess what you will be using for transportation, indeed, the RMS Titanic.
onboard the gang will find out not everything goes as smooth as planned, Morello has an eye for that car aswell and delivers Salieri nothing but trouble.

Eventualy the ship will sink and you will be able to walk onboard while the corridors flood.
There will be a freeroam mode aswell which gives the player the oppertunity to just explore the ship or walk on it when it sinks.
to watch the intro cutscene, see this video:
The Titanic Mod - Intro Cutscene

most recent video (as found on the mainpage)
The Titanic Mod - Finished Exterior

and now some recent screenshots:
the exterior is almost enterely placed ingame, all exept 3 rows of lifeboats, ship's wakes, smoke from the funnels and doors.

[Image: game2011-10-0421-36-42-29.jpg]
(no i did not use the "parnik" cheat)
[Image: game2011-10-0421-36-33-10.jpg]
[Image: game2011-10-0421-36-03-10.jpg]
[Image: game2011-10-0421-34-12-64.jpg]
[Image: game2011-10-0421-32-58-09.jpg]
[Image: game2011-10-0421-32-41-89.jpg]
[Image: game2011-10-0421-32-22-99.jpg]

Estimate release date:
April 14th 2012

more info:
I love the first video with the dialog Smile looks fantastic
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I saw the video in the barn awhile ago, I love to see your work Mr.Robville, always awesome to see your work.

The april 14th 2012 release date is actually I think a day before the Titanic actually sank. Wich would actually mark if on the 15th that the Titanic sank, that means it's 100th anniversary is coming up.
I think we should port this to RAGE/GTA IV once all the kinks have been sorted out. But it does look amazing in LS3D, too.  ;D
Brother you have some mad skills and some kind of dermined commitment, I loved seeing the vid on the complete exterior
Thanks a lot for the kind comments!

i hoped to get all of the exterior ingame earlier, but i now have a week of vacation, so i can do a lot of work on the mod now. also Hudizzle will be joining me this week to start modelling the 1st class smoking room.
Knowing Hud's qualities, prepare for some epic awesomeness of modelling coming ahead!
ok, here's a small ingame update,
all lifeboats have been added and therefore the exterior is now fully placed ingame.
next step i will be working on today is the collission model, to avoid the player getting stuck behind every single object.

[Image: game2011-10-1811-15-32-78.jpg]
[Image: game2011-10-1811-15-14-60.jpg]
[Image: game2011-10-1811-16-21-91.jpg]
[Image: game2011-10-1811-14-43-10.jpg]
She looks swell ingame, especially with the full exterior and lifeboats onboard. As for the interior and cabin rooms, were the lower-class rooms essentially the same banana as with each other?
i'm not sure what you mean with "banana" can you please explain? sorry  Tongue

here's a first screenshot of the collission model:
[Image: cols1.jpg]

none of this will be seen ingame, but it sure plays a big role.
this will give the player a smooth area to walk on.
Someone give me a towel......sorry I will wipe up the drool

That is utterly AWESOME!!!!!  in the ocean with the light......woof
great work! Congrats on getting it into the game
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Mr Robville:gj55dah5 Wrote:i'm not sure what you mean with "banana" can you please explain? sorry  Tongue

Banana, as in thing.
Great job! I have been following this work for some time now and it just gets better and better. This is monumental and I am sure the Titanic will become a game all by itself. I could spend many hours just roaming the decks.
Side note. I ran into this story on Yahoo News about some titanic related photos (during and after the rescue)

I thought might like it

also thanks matteo for the link!

And people, behold! the 1st class smoking room created by Hudizzle:
[Image: maya2011-10-2314-32-56-20.jpg]
[Image: comparison.jpg]
[Image: 19.jpg]
[Image: 18-1.jpg]
[Image: 17-1.jpg]
[Image: 8-5.jpg]
[Image: 7-5.jpg]
[Image: 6-7.jpg]
[Image: 5-12.jpg]
[Image: 4-13.jpg]
[Image: 1-16.jpg]

Now, Isn't he a great artist or what?  ;D
Good job, Mr Robville  8) Looks awesome +1  ;D
Love the fireplace! Those sounds will be ready soon btw, just remember to pick up my message on msn Wink

Coolest mod ever! Can't wait to play.
Thanks for the Kind comments!

Today's update is nothing new on the modelling side, but it is something new on the extra's.
May I present the 3D version of the 3D Titanic! (3D 3D what? 6D....?):

[Image: GI3.jpg]
[Image: GI2.jpg]
[Image: GI.jpg]

It ain't imax, but if you own one of those paper stereoscopic glasses with red and blue glass in it you'll see an incredible ammount of detail coming right at you!
[Image: ana_cyan.jpg]

next step 3D printing perhaps?  ;D

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