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The Titanic Mod
It has been some time, but I have some new work to show:

[Image: SHI2.jpg]
[Image: BR6Flooding.jpg]
[Image: BRGR4b.jpg]

These are just renders at the moment.

I haven't had much time to do a lot of work the past few weeks unfortunately due to exams. Hopefully I'll be able to create a lot of new content the coming weeks. Once all objects are made, the other remaining boiler rooms will go a lot faster to produce since only the piping, catwalks and funnel manifold need to be altered.

Also ModDB's Mod of the year contest is being held. Don't forget to vote!

 Big Grin

Finally! Boiler room 6 has been completed:

[Image: BRF1.jpg]
[Image: BRF2.jpg]
[Image: BRF3.jpg]
[Image: BRF4.jpg]
[Image: BRF5.jpg]

And one for the authenticity Tongue
[Image: BRFbnw.jpg]

The other boiler rooms will go faster to make since many components only need to be copied.

wow! Those look awesome! The level of detail you put into this mod is matched by none other.

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hi robville,


your work is always awesome


I  just want to know can we add some adventures in mafia like we see in gta and max payne and also in godfather pc game to make mafia more interesting

Thanks a lot!

There will be a storyline within the mod with plenty of shooting and fighting around the ship. Wink


Time for updates!


I've been doing some more work on the forward cargo holds:
[Image: decks1.jpg]
[Image: decks2.jpg]
[Image: decks4.jpg]
[Image: decks5c.jpg]


[Image: Forepeak_tank2.jpg]
[Image: Forepeak_tank3.png]
[Image: Forepeak_tank.jpg]

A lifesized replica of this section can be found in Belfast:
[Image: replica_of_rms_titanic_bow_5.jpg]


There were 1514 sacks of potatoes stored within cargo hold 1. Of course there are not that many on this screenshot. I will keep this hold more empty than it should have been for exploration's sake. In reallife it would have probably been filled to the top.
[Image: potatoes.jpg]
[Image: CH1.jpg]

Firemen's tunnel
[Image: BRCOR1b.jpg]



Just for fun, a render of how the Renault Coupe DeVille appeared in James Cameron's movie. This car won't stay here in the actual mod due to several inaccuracies from the movie;


As you can notice, the area is a lot smaller and does not include a staircase. Motor cargo was actually stored two decks above. And the cargo hatch could not even make the car fit. And most importantly; for transatlantic crosses, each vehicle would have been crated. So unless Jack had a crowbar with him there would have been no way of getting in that thing.

In the actual mod, this car will be located within it's proper hold and crated. Don't worry, you will gonna see it.
[Image: renault.1.jpg]

[Image: Boiler_Room_III.jpg]

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