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The Titanic Mod
Absolutely incredible work mate, I am really excited, especially cause we are nearing the completion of this 4 year long project, to finally climb aboard your art on water.

If I may though, Mr.Robville, I recommend having 2 versions, a Gold and a regular, you've done too much work, you gotta get some cash back on it, it's only fair to you.
Thanks a lot MB! I appreciate it.
Though the mod itself is free, I'll add a dontations button some day. As I'm a man of my word I'll keep the mod itself free Wink

Time for some updates!

If you all remember the Reading and Writing room from an earlier video of mine, you would have noticed that it looked way too flat shaded. well I hope this turns out better:
[Image: game2012-03-0623-31-59-68.jpg]
[Image: game2012-03-0623-31-48-00.jpg]
[Image: game2012-03-0623-31-37-02.jpg]
[Image: game2012-03-0623-12-54-99.jpg]

Lighting still needs to be altered aswell as the windows. The exterior model hasn't been adjusted to the interior yet.
HeY Mr.Robville ive got an idea.You have worked on that titanic really hard but how about you make there a proper story?Something which is not related to mafia 1 and tommy.I think player would get the hang of it more.
Just an idea Smile
#44 :dry: ..the centennial of the launching and sinking of the Titanic is about a month away.....

Got any plans? :whistle:
I'm working on something nice. Wink
Titanic mod ... time to find 'M One' install cd's and run the good ol' game again.
You also should check rest of the modders corners out B) Especially Matteo, because his Capoletti 2 Don of Lost Heaven Mod will be brilliant Tongue
Cole Phelps" post=5321":3136m6wh Wrote:You also should check rest of the modders corners out B) Especially Matteo, because his Capoletti 2 Don of Lost Heaven Mod will be brilliant Tongue

Sure sure, but Titanic is something different ... it's like finding old car in barn what will fire up and roll as good as in old days. It reminds on the old MS, on the old fellas and their enthusiasm for, well, PC gaming in general.

Makes me actually wonder that Mr.Rob didn't gave up on it, as well as 'Mafia Scene' actually runs, I was browsing/cleaning old bookmarks and found the original link to and Google helped a little to find this.

It can be compared to going back to city where you used to live, you won't go checkup the new shiny mall (ofcourse later you will, but first thing first ...), you will go back to corner groceries on Pineapple Street and look for old Ahmed if he still sells beer with cigs to teenagers. A bit of nostalgy never hurts.
Ok in the upcoming weeks I will post some new footage and content due to the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

The first thing I made is a remake of the exterior animation video:
[video size=100 width=640 height=480][/video]

Compared to the old version, this one is rendered at 1680X1050 pixels instead of 320X240 pixels.
Also the light effects have been updated and effects like water have been added.
It took both my computers more than 20 hours to render this animation.

I hope you all like it!
Wow well done mr robville... awesome work

Yesterday and this afternoon I made some renders of the sinking ship, other than the empty deck, I'm quite satisfied with the result:

[img width=700 height=437][/img]
[img width=700 height=437][/img]
[img width=700 height=437][/img]
[img width=700 height=437][/img]
[img width=700 height=437][/img]
WOW! these are great! well done mr robville, i bet you are pleased with that Smile
Fan tastic Tongue
indeed it is crazy Smile
A crazy 63 years old granpa
lol... your crazy ill give you that lol Tongue
An the way I put it it was signify to Mr Robville that I'm a FAN of his ART work so that why i said it was FAN tastic.
I'm also a very gentle man, but i don't take shit from anyone, I'm not easely intimidated, only idiots trigger my crazyness
Oooo i never noticed that Big Grin
im an idiot Tongue
Mr Robville
when mod releas

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