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The inspiration for Mafia's locations
As I noticed that Matteo had come across some footage of Mafia's original locations, I've decided to create a little thread here about all the locations that Illusion Softworks used as inspiration for the intricate and atmospheric locations that make up this beautiful game, along with in-game comparisons and some blueprints drawn by Daniel Vavra himself.

Here are just a few I've found over the years Smile

The Art Gallery

[Image: jan_manas_6.jpg]  [Image: 1.jpg]

[Image: KunsthistorischesMuseumGalerieUvnitr-b.jpg]  [Image: 2.jpg]

[Image: KunsthistorischesMuseumGalerie-b.jpg]  [Image: 3-1.jpg]

West Marshall Bridge

[Image: MichiganAveBridge-b.jpg]  [Image: 4-1.jpg]

Blueprints/Concept Art (by Daniel Vavra)

[Image: th_49e9cb10e6ec.jpg]

[Image: th_8cd79f788729.jpg]
Awesome thread, real nice finds n' photo's. Smile

I added it to the home page, for all to see. Smile
indeed it is, if i ever get near Wenen in Austria (not australia!) i'll sure pay a visit to that gallery!
forget the art! the building is what's interesting  ;D
very nice Smile thanks for sharing these
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woah that was some real pro shit the simple things you dont notice untill now....
Yes, I always interested, which buildings were used to create in-game buildings. Nice one. +1 for finding it 8)

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