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Entertainment Off Topic Re: Your favourite song
My favorite song is "Hooked On Big Bands" by Larry Elgart.
I like this Smile thanks, cogkicker
Nickelback - Lullaby
Toto - Hold The Line (1978)
You have a very large taste of music genres Cole :o hmy:
Oh yes, Samo, you're right Tongue
Samo" post=6052":37dkx3sy Wrote:You have a very large taste of music genres Cole :o hmy:

indeed he does lol
John, maybe you will add sth nice here Tongue
Maybe i will Tongue
Opshop - Nothing Can Wait

Audioslave - Your Time Has Come

This one's a masterpiece: "Joe Cocker - You Are So Beautiful"

32 Leaves - Waiting

Linukkis, you have a large taste of music genres :cheer:

Thank you, Cole. I guess I do Smile Talking about genres, you have an incredibly wide taste in music, and what is more, all the music you post here is great and really worth listening Wink Thanks for keeping this topic alive Smile
Guys, I just feel that I must share this with you.

The Chi-Lites - Are You My Woman?

Man, I love this song Smile

Now this is a very cool song, made by Lithuanian artists. Turn it up! Wink :whistle:

Artists: Linas Adomaitis (I share my name with him Smile ), Akm?ja & B-Simp

Nice Mafia II compilation :cheer:

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