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Entertainment Off Topic Re: Your favourite song
Taylor post=15744 Wrote:
Cole Phelps post=15739 Wrote:Lol :lol:

Did you too noticed the girls going from Sex Shop ? Big Grin

Nope :lol:

I can't get no sleep Tongue
I love that song <3

Also, the movie is great :lol:
Yeah, love those Three Days Grace songs :cheer: Speaking of TDG, this one's my favorite:
Mafia 1 OST compilation Tongue

[Image: 0dj.gif]
Cole wheres ur red name color Big Grin
Taylor post=15805 Wrote:Cole wheres ur red name color Big Grin

It's gone :lol: But it's not reason for laughing :lol:
<3 <3

Something for Taylor :lol:


Hmm Taylor, I remember that you told me via PM that you adore this song :lol: :lol: :lol:

yes i really "like" it Big Grin
Taylor, have you heard the newest from LP ?  Tongue


<div style="color:rgb(102,102,102);font-family:arial, sans-serif;font-sizeConfusedmall;">‎



Yesterday I went to a shopping mall and I saw a guy that certainly looked like Mike Shinoda  :lol:




Also, this is nice‎

Darren, do you know that ? ;3

This tune is sick!  B) 


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