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Entertainment Off Topic Car (from Mafia 1 or 2) you like the most
Here, post your favourite car's names and photos from Mafia 1 or 2  Smile

Mine is Mercedes 300 SL (Roller GL 300 in-game from Made Man DLC) made in 1955. Here's a photo  8)

[Image: 8c56b3690ff82a983d9e6a2c9989fa9f.jpg]

And some vid:

Ford Thunderbird [Smith Thunderbolt] all the way!
Mafia I [Bolt Thrower]:
[Image: Boltthower.png]

Mafia II [Smith Thunderbolt]:
[Image: Smithdescapotable.png]

Real Life [Ford Thunderbird 1955]:
[Image: 1955_ford_thunderbird.jpg]
The[glow=red,2,300] Pontiac Club de Mer[/glow] was a purpose-built, concept car that was unveiled at the General Motors Motorama in 1956 to celebrate GM's commitment to futuristic design. The brainchild of GM engineer-designer, Harley Earl (Paul Gillian was also involved being the Pontiac Studio head at the time), the "de Mer" was a two door sport Roadster that incorporated innovative breakthrough styling like a sleek, low-profile body encasing a large powerplant, a design trend used widely in LSR (land speed record) trials at Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah during the 1950s. One Club de Mer prototype was constructed and unveiled, along with another ¼-scale model, in Miami, Florida. As per GM's "kill order", it was scrapped in 1958.
Only the model exists today, which was owned by Joseph Bortz of Highland Park, IL. until it was sold to noted car collector Ron Pratt at the 2007 Barrett Jackson Classic Car Auction for $75,000.

The design of the "de Mer" drew its visual impetus from contemporary aircraft construction of its day, employing a stainless steel monocoque, individual wind screens similar to those on the 1955 Lincoln Futura (later TV's Batmobile), aerodynamically fashioned facia that flowed down from the hood skin to cover most of the grill, concealed headlights, and a single rear-deck dorsal fin. Also featured were twin "silver-streaks" that flowed into low-profile hood scoops, a carry-over from Pontiac's Bonneville Special two years prior. The overall styling of the body was a smooth, non-undulating profile, similar to an American supersonic jet fighter, with virtually no protrusions or recesses of any kind save for the out-vents on the leading edge of both doors, and the fin. The vehicle had no bumpers, a common feature on most concepts, and the door handles were quite small. On a human scale, its most alarming feature was that it had a very low profile at just under 39 in (990.6 mm).

The interior styling in the "de Mer" had a barebones functionality to it, more in keeping with its speed trial “airsâ€
Delizia Grandeamerica

[Image: 240px-Deliziagrandeamerica.png]

Originally made from Ferrari 250 GT Lusso

[Image: ferrari-250-gt-lusso-1962%E2%80%9364-%D0...farina.jpg]
Shubert Beverly
[Image: Shubert_Beverly.png]

Chevrolet Bel Air
[Image: Talla1957ChevyBelAir2DoorConvertable.jpg]

1955 Chevy Bel Air--D&M Motorsports Video Presentation 2012 Chris Moran (video)
'The goodfellas car', which I beleive to be the Shubert Beverly, also cant go wrong with the thunderbird and really dig all the speedsters in m2.
Mafia I: Falconer, Lassiter V16 Fordor, Manta Prototype and Black Metal 4WD.
Mafia II: Armored Car and Sd.Kfz 251.
The Roller;Shubert Frigate and the Tuned Milk Truck with awesome horn Wink
Mafia 1 - i not remember that game much :|
Mafia 2 - Delizia Grandeamerica :*
B) Hi crazypreacher!
As far as i have understood ( i'm not american ) the Pontiac you said is the potomac elysium in Mafia 2,
wich is available in one of the dlc and indeed a cool futuristic car Wink :cheer: B)

For myself, i want to choose the ascot bailey, i really like the sharpness of its driving. Wink
(I use simulation mode)
It might sound weird but Walter Coupe is by far the best car for me. I like the fact that is slow and small and thus better in handling than other cars. Apart from that Dezilia is the boss!!
Mafia 1-Silver Fletcher
[Image: Silver_Fletcher.jpg]
Mafia 2-Lassiter series 75 hollywood
[Image: 1000px-Lassiter_75_Front.png]
Gotta say my favorite is the Cossack from Mafia 2.
Based on a 1933 Deusenberg SJ Arlington Torpedo Sedan. One of the Most expensive cars of its time.

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