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A 2K secret reveal and a problem solve
If your like me you like to listen to your own music in the game  Smile
but by some how it slow the game and they don't work in the house  :'(
Funny but the solution came from my age  Wink , in 1956 i was 7 and stereo didn't exist it was mono sound track stereo came around 1960
so i had to test my theory first how to make those mp3 in mono track
and i found a program call: SOUND NORMALIZER

BEWARE: don't use your music files directly
Make a folder call MAFIA MUSIC and paste in it the music you want in there
and work from that folder
and manage my way in and the viedo is not a montage it from the game radio

i transfer the file in 16 bits mono add them in by music manager into the game

The sound is not a montage it from the radio in 16bits mono track

I have a 5.1 audigy sound Blaster and the music come ouy equal in the 5 speakers
wow, you're 62 years old and play video games? that's kinda amazing, most of people born any later than 1980 don't manage to handle PCs well.
very nice find, it will definitely help
My Mom din't raise no foul Smile , i was born to boogie
He is not the only one, I am 68 and not only play but do graphic work for developers.
i earn my living on a computer, i was a journalist, and at the beginning the computer were like an old Lada, you had to fix it alot
so i learn about it, i build my own computer i bought all he parts and set it up, I'm just not good in programming

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