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Badgeless Armysuit By Mike Bruski
[align=center:3mwl9qbs][Image: armysuit_badgeless.png]

I've decided to do something for modders in Mafia II and for those that want a regular nice suit for Mafia II, I removed all the badges on the Armysuit, this means you can customize it to your liking of street-wear. Smile
Please, tell me your thoughts, it took a real bit of work to remove all the badge's from all 4 of the mipmaps.

[size=180][size=120]Badgeless Armysuit By Mike Bruski, Download[/size][/size][/align:3mwl9qbs]
File is currently unavailable. Please try again later. - this is what I see, when I go to the download page  :-\
Try it again, that is just Megaupload, sometimes it shows that, real awkward, but trust me next time you try, you can download.
I've fixed the download link, it's not to a out-sourced download site either, it's a nice download function, you never leave the site.

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