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Renegade School Coats By Mike Bruski v1.0
[align=center:3imtogdo][Image: soriginalschoolcoatsbym.png]

[size=180][size=120]Renegade School Coats By Mike Bruski v1.0, Download[/size][/size][/align:3imtogdo]
sweet! that is one bad ass jacket
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UPDATED: All thanks to the help from crazypreacher in wich he directed me to Rick's Tools SDS, I was able to install my modification!
Please do tell me your thoughts of the jacket in-game, it took a SERIOUS amount of time to edit that jacket to it's original, I don't want to be big-headed, but I think it is the strongest clothing modification in Mafia II as of yet.
Nice job, the black that i use look wonderful, thanks
What do you mean that original? Can we saw it somewhwere? (screenshots, videos, gameplayes...)
MetalCat:16ctl6we Wrote:What do you mean that original? Can we saw it somewhwere? (screenshots, videos, gameplayes...)

I think he edited original files with SDS Tool and he created his own cloth  Smile
This is Vito's original school coat from the trailers...
[Image: m2_devdiary_part3_130.jpg]

[Image: m2_devdiary_part3_133.jpg]
It just look great

[Image: mafia22011-11-1818-30-42-41.jpg]

[Image: mafia22011-11-1818-30-39-42.jpg]

[Image: mafia22011-11-1818-30-31-89.jpg]
It appears your really loving the jacket modification crazypreacher. Smile
Yes i do and it made by someone of my family  Wink
a video call do i love my coat

i turn it with a simple dual core 2.66 using[glow=red,2,300] game booster[/glow]r + Fraps + personal music, with out game booster the video would be awful

Nice Job Mike  Wink ... Mycoat.mp4
Neat lil'vid, I am thrilled that the coat modification has made Mafia II better for you, I plan to do a christmas modification to the game as well for the snow, but can't promise anything yet, just planning and contemplating.
nice work as usual
Thank you eXistenZ34 I am thrilled you like it, it was REALLY hard and time consuming to change that jacket into what it is having to go through all 4 mipmaps. Btw, I fixed the link in this thread and my other mod threads.
I've fixed the download link, it's not to a out-sourced download site either, it's a nice download function, you never leave the site.

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