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The Mafioso Mod
So, it's been a long time since anyone has heard anything from me on the modding front and it's time for a new beginning.

[font=verdana:992wwqiz]The Mafioso Mod[/font:992wwqiz]

Asa (AsaSK)  Idea, storyline, scripting, model design, outdoor location (city) modelling, lightmapping
Mike Bruski  Interior modelling and advice
Mr Robville  Additional model help

This is the story of Antonio Lazzara, a Made man at the top of his game in 1930s America.
First off, a tour of his apartment.

The Mafioso Mod


[Image: 4-2.jpg]

[Image: 5.jpg]

[Image: 6.jpg]

[Image: 7.jpg]

[Image: 3-2.jpg]

[Image: 1-3.jpg]

[Image: 2-3.jpg]

Enjoy, Mi Amici.
That looks beautiful  8) BTW, nice song, Asa  Smile
Well, the video and the screenshots are very beautiful, just like your another mods  Smile
I wish every good for you and your team  Wink
Good modding!
I love it, the desk and the stove are reminders of the opening page of the game....very nice.

I was trying to peak out the windows of the video to see if you put it somewhere, or no where  Wink

Door frames and window frames...very nice
Thank you for all your kind words, and yes matteo i did put it in a city Wink all you need to do is look closely..
Everything looks great man.  8)

Apart from 1 thing, the boiler is much too large, it should be 50% smaller, a boiler that size would heat probably 2 apartments. But other than that, brill job man, love the additional small details etc, great stuff. Smile
looking nice ASA Smile
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This is high praise indeed, thanks everyone Smile
And Mike, this is also thanks to you. Sadly the boiler has to be that big to house the flame particle effect I put inside it, otherwise it would be engulfed Wink
We are all constantly improving with our skills all the time, and this looks nothing short of brilliant Smile

As always, you spare no expense when it comes to detail.

Looking forward to more from this (Just take your time. We can wait).


Thank you Ruby Smile I hope to see some more of your modding soon though!
Ahh, that's a shame that the boiler can't be smaller, but no biggy I guess, and yes I am thrilled too people love the looks of the building. Smile I look forward to making more buildings for you Asa and or others that request a custom building to be made. I do it for the love of Mafia, it makes modding alot better. Smile
Hey Asa,

As I was thinking about your room there it struck me that I really liked the lighting you did on it. Its one of those things a lot of people overlook when looking at things, but its really a supper job, the tile is dark and dingy and the corners are darker than the rest of the room....very nice
Thank you Matteo Smile


The mod will not feature a whole city that is available to freeroam in.
Instead, mission areas will include sections of road with detailed pedestrian and interactive activity.

I planned it to be this way from the start, and this way I hope my love of detail will shine in this mod!
Right, decision time guys.

In terms of lighting, do you prefer 1, 2 or something in the middle?


[Image: 1-4.jpg]


[Image: 2-4.jpg]
I favor #1  a little more moody, and little more 1930's....light bulbs weren't that good back then
To be honest with you, Asa - I prefer the first one because it's more mysterious than the second one; just like in Mafia environment  Tongue
Darren:373l6xzw Wrote:Maybe you could lower the brightness a bit but it should definitely be stronger than in screen 1.

Another suggestion I have for this is to change the light color to a whiter tone. It looks a bit too yellow, but maybe that's just me.

Yes, you're right. It's seen in the second picture - it's a bit too bright  ;D
LOL Cole I was going to use the word mysterious too.....but it sounded too...mysterious

Indoor lighting with bulbs was very yellow in the 30"s  (they hadn't invented the soft white bulb yet, let alone florescent) The colors should be warm...IMHO
Thanks for the feedback, I decided to make the map abit brighter because the furniture as Darren said, there is no lightmaps on the furniture, I will say that by toning the brightness down it brings out the furniture more, as it is now the furniture is still abit bright with it's new illumination, I can tone it down abit, just saying though that the problem will remain but more evident due to darker room, and yes Matteo you are right, there was no soft white lights etc, bulbs were mainly yellow, the apartment maintains a yellow glow to it all, just the furniture makes things awkward, trust me I prefer photo 1 because it is very dense, but to cope with the game I believe the best is to do like how the storyline maps look like, where they're bright in lighted area's, and of course, in the apartment, near the bed, it is still quite dark, only area's with light bulbs are a tad bit brighter to cope with the furniture within the game lights. There is still a very strong depth of colour.
The lights do the room more better then the old one, it's more realistic and same with the Mafia 1 opening room.
Well, good modding  Wink

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