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The Mafioso Mod
Welcome back sir!

Remember, if you need anything posted on our FB page or the frontpage , let me know and I can take care of it or show you how to post the news on the front page.

For site support visit - Site Help
For mod support visit - Modders Corner
Submit Mod News visit - Submit Mod News
Welcome back on the board Asa. Waiting for the updates, news Wink
Thanks everyone, currently I'm finishing off scripting the location shown in the last screenshot, while also working on modelling a new building in 3DS Max.

[Image: BuildingMAX_SoD_zps664e2ebf.jpg]

My chief modeler, Mike Bruski, is busy at the moment so I'm having to model things myself which is taking a long time as I am nowhere near as good as he is! So, if anyone is willing to help me out for the next week or two that would be greatly appreciated.

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