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The Mafioso Mod
I would understand entirely, would BE A HUGE job lol, but you should make it easier on you and just use the beautiful country roads already made. I don't want to push you around it, if you wish to create your own then alright, I am just saying to be helpful.
Asa are you inspired from "BOARDWALK EMPIRE"?Cuz thats a HBO tv series about mafia acted in early 20´s .its really good, guys who dont know it yet you should check it out it really defines the real mafia and the prohibition times in america.
[Image: Game2012-02-0114-28-42-07.jpg]
While I was watching that screenshot, my brain told for me so I saw that scene somewhere (maybe in MobTown ?) Smile
How is the progres Asa? I look forward to seeing your work, the screenshot is nice, it looks like the streets of Lost Heaven, it is a nice quality job.
Nice screen Asa. This screen looks for me brilliant and a bit mysterious. I like your effort put into The Mafioso Mod. Keep it up.
Progress is good but slow Mike, not much time although I will try and do some more tonight.

A suspicious figure watches you and Billie from a nearby window.. Who is he?

[Image: th_WHOISHE.png]
He's a hidden dragon :cheer:
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you.. [size=4:3htzdz4q][color="#00FF00"]LIGHTMAPS![/color][/size]

[Image: th_Game2012-02-0623-13-03-04.png]
Wow, very nice, how did you get Light Maps to work in the engine?
A secret tool Wink


- Lightmaps completed
- Fire escapes added
- Bar and interiors implemented

[Image: th_cityNEW.png]
seem awsome Asa, :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
Really awesome work, Asa, have you also made new interior's with lightmaps? And how does the building that we made work with the lightmaps, or are you hooking something else up?
@CP: Thanks dude!

@Mike: I'm leaving our building as it is Mike, I love the lightmaps you did Smile
Asa, my man. I am absolutely STUNNED!!! :o hmy: :o hmy: :o hmy: :o hmy:

I mean. This. THIS. Is nothing short of...well, mindboggling work.

People go around saying my Commission Mod is a contender for the best mafia mission mod. But I am by no means a humble man. I've never thought this. I've always admired the work of you and Michal Safanik so much more. You guys are my idols.

You must keep up with this. This is great stuff. I love the man in the window looking down on you and Billie. How on Earth did you ever figure out how to cut a hole in a model and implement an interior on the other side like how Illusion did it? If you were to teach me this I would be greatful. After all, we've all got to do what we can to keep Mafia alive.

I had better calm myself down now before I just faint over the sheer awesomeness of these screens.

Keep on this, man. Don't let life, computer failure, anything get in the way of sending this to the can. You absolutely have to finish it.

Good luck

Finest regards

I think so too, and The Commision Mod Part I is the best Mafia I mod of 2011.
One question guys,Is this mod going to be dubbed or subtitled?
I spoke with Asa, we plan to do voice, and have computer made voices, like this...

Text To Voice
Wow thats nice Mike Big Grin so..economical haha.Im looking forward to play this!

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