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The Mafioso Mod
Thanks JOJOXX, I appreciate your feedback.

So, essentially it's like this. I have run out of inspiration for a while (I do have this problem occaisionally) and I'd like some ideas as to where Antonio goes after he leaves his apartment (this will form mission 1), so that we know what locations to make/which direction the mod is going in etc.

Any suggestions?
Antonio leaves his apartment, after a call concerning a whiskey bust, Antonio is directed to meet up at the log construction site outside of China town exit in the countryside, Antonio then follows the other police cars to the whiskey bust and arrives at the Dam and Antonio among his pther prohibition agents, set up at the end of the Dam in an ambush fashion and wait for the trucks to cross, then a shoot out happens killing the drivers, and one gangster gets away and Antonio is told to chase him, Antonio chases him down and beats him up to get questions answered, then once he gives up who he is working for, he is arrested and taken to the precinct.

I think that is a pretty damn cool level, no?

I think it would be brilliant to play as Federal Prohibition Agents, kinda like BoardWalk Empire.
It does sound good Mike, but the only problem is Antonio is a Made Man as opposed to a cop :dry:
Well, if you like, just have Antonio in a hoodlum family, not related in a sense of a made guy, but a small time group of thugs, kinda like the thugs you beat up in Mafia I's storyline with the bats, and Antonio with his thugs, go and steal liquor from Morello's shipments, and resell them to clients around town, Wich is still fantastic.

I feel doing the "MADE GUY" with a top family has been done too much, with all due respect of course to the other modders.

I think it's time to flip that with this mod, and if you like rename the mod... "Prohibition Warfare"
Or we could keep the name the same as it's what you aspire to I guess? I'm liking the stealing and selling idea - bit like William Gates in Mafia Smile

Would you be prepared to make a few small locations for me in this case?
Sounds great Asa, and sure, It will be fun making some locations. Smile
Ok, PM'd you Smile
Right, I have created a location that, although small, has taken me the best part of five straight hours of work to build, light, col and script - here is one little screenshot to get your tastebuds watering, a Christmas present from me - enjoy!

Antonio and his men intercept a truck of whiskey coming down into New York from the Canadian countryside

[Image: Game2011-12-2519-11-19-20.jpg]

<Click to enlarge image>
Very nice work Asa, looks to be awesome, I look forward to seeing more of the mod, just like what we talked about.
Nice job Asa with this road and this mod at all. Hope it will be developed.
Right, some new details on the mod:

- It will be set in New York, during the roaring '20s; a time of booze, broads and big money

- You will be working for Al Capone, who was currently at the height of his power

- Every location in the game will be built from scratch, nothing from the original missions will be used. For example the apartment, city street and country lane leading out of Manhattan we've seen already were completely built from scratch. Mike and I share the building process. I designed and furnished the apartment, he built, textured and lightmapped it. I built the area of city surrounding his apartment and the country scene above

- There will not be a whole city, only very detailed areas (both interiors and exteriors), so that my love of detail shines through and I am able to spend time and care producing both the cutscenes and the missions

This will be my last mod before I go off to university and likely never mod again; so I'm going to make this an impressive one using all my knowledge of scripts, triggers, detectors, animations, particles, lights and cutscenes

I hope you all enjoy it!
Sounds brilliant Asa, also concerning Dialogue, I REALLY want to stay away from the reading game, let's bring in vocal dialogue, I think the easiest way of doing that would be text-to-speech, here is a sample...

If we use text-to-speech systems, we can REALLY bring the mod to life, the only let down for me on The Commision Mod is all the reading, don't get me wrong RubyDragon949 DID AN AMAZING JOB, INCREDIBLE JOB actually, just to really sink into a story you really need to hear the dialogue, it's hard to sink in the story when always reading.
Cheers Mike, will do Smile

A short video of one of the first missions!
Is it located in countryside, Asa ?
Asa" post=2473":2tuv9g0u Wrote:Every location in the game will be built from scratch, nothing from the original missions will be used.
Very nice update Asa! The countryside atmosphere is good because of lighting and cars! Keep up and good work.I'm waiting to see more nice updates Wink
Looking great ASA
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I love the vid, concerning uniquely created scenes, there is no need to go and make an entire seperate countryside, Mafia has a brilliant, and breath taking countryside, there are so many parts of that countryside soo many Mafia fans have not even explored yet, there is no need to spend all that time building a unique road when there is tons and tons of em' in the main countryside, plus it's awesome to go through those nice farm fields with the dam and the bridges all shaded etc, I do not want to be dis-respectful at all Asa, just saying that doing unique countryside is not needed at all, but doing your own city area is something I agree with entirely.
I am not making a whole countryside Mike Wink

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