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Building Request
Hey Mike,

I have a building request, please

I am looking for a small, hovel apartment like Carlos in the Bon Apetite Mission.  I really like the stairs in that mission too, but the apartment has to be be bigger (more rooms the smallish size of the rooms are good) . I would like a kitchen, a bathroom,  2 bedrooms, a common room, an entry way  and I would like windows on two sides.

This is going to be for the 1922 version of Capoletti the small apartment of Tomas Capoletti and his small family 

(I will probably use it twice, and decorate it differently)

I was going to use that mission...again, but then saw your offer to make buildings so I thought I'd ask you. I am not all that great at model building

Let me me know if that is something you could do....if you are otherwise engaged, I completely understand


I am so sorry Matteo, I had no-clue you posted here, and sure thing Matteo, please, send me a top view drawing or blueprint of the building you request. And I will finish it as soon as I can man. Smile

I apologize once again, I was not ignoring you, I had no-clue you posted.
No problem, this is a favor you are doing me  Big Grin

Floor plan is below. I showed the bathroom with the fixtures (tub, toilet, sink) so you could get and Idea of scale. I ain't much of an artist and I am not architect and I am certainly no model builder


[Image: plan1.JPG]
Looks nice, Matteo  Smile Keep it up
Very nice Matteo, I should have it ready for you by end of next weekend.
Thank you,

If you need to take longer, please don't rush for my sake.

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