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360 Xbox controller
If you play the with such controller on a pc and you your game get sometime a Little shaky, just disable the vibration from your pad, you will get a smoother game
This usually happens when you come across a cobblestone or a dirt road ingame, i.e. the roads leading to Joe's place or something like that. You can also do that in your joypad's driver settings - if you have a cheap Chinese-made joystick or PS2 adapter, it can be changed via the Vibration Test tab by moving the slider to zero.
I tried using the Xbox 360 controller but with no luck, cant get the right analogue to detect up and down, so i am limited to left and right when aiming. Also, the driving is very sensitive, and seems to always want to steer a bit left.

Any ways to fix these?
maybe if you get the latest driver for it: ... ws#support
Thanks crazypreacher, this has made it a bit better, not perfect but better, thank you Big Grin
your welcome, B)
I cannot get my xbox 360 controller to work on Mafia The City of Lost Heaven. The issue is that everything works but the joysticks. My joysticks have no deadzone in the middle meaning that there is always a leftward turn or rightward turn. This makes driving very difficult and on foot very difficult. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Yay got mine to work... Whitehead... make sure the controllers controls are set as PRIMARY. thats where i was going wrong.

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