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Mafia I & Mafia II / Mods of The Year 2011?
For Mafia 1. ... il&f_id=39
Mod gives us Alpha-Version index near the city. Follow link, pls

All Free-rides
Vito - passenger
Neon sign removal by Mike Bruski
My choices for mods of the year are...

Mafia I...
1st:The Commision Mod Part I by Rubydragon949.

Mafia II...
1st:Free-Ride Joe's Adventure v2.0 by eXistenZ34.
2nd:Reminiscense of The Hype(ROTH) by Andrashi.

A potential absolute winner for Mafia I mods next year, is the Titanic Mod by Mr. Robville.
Mafia 1
Save Sarah Mod by JOJOXX

Mafia 2
Free Ride v2.0 for Joe's Adventures
For 2012 and more ... man-entity

Great video, now we know where you spend your spare time Smile
Cool video eXistenZ34, I like it, it seems v2.1 FR JA will be incredible!

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